Thursday, July 3, 2008


Thank goodness it is Thursday!! I am sooo looking forward to a 3 day weekend. It is going to be a busy one though. The 4th is going to start with a morning parade around 10am, then we are heading to a friends to swim and BBQ from 12-3pm and then to my parents for more swimming and food from 3-630-ish and then fireworks around 8pm! These are the plans anyway - who knows how long the kids will really last... I did buy them matching 4th of July outfits so that they can be embarressed when looking at the pictures when they are older.

Saturday is not going to be much calmer. My husband is turning 30!!! So we are going out to celebrate.. We were going to leave the kids, but I think we are taking them along. Its still to hard to leave them and Addison will probably enjoy all of the games at Dave n Busters.

Kirstynn turned over (did I write that already???) - and funny enough, they usually do it from front to back first, but she went from back to front. She sees something on the side of her and will reach and reach for it until she is finally on her tummy. And then the screaming begins... she hates being on her stomach for "tummy time". She cant see all the action... Either way - movement is beginning so I no longer have the freedom to lay her on the bed and take a shower... I know I have to make sure I have eyes on both girls at all times (or at least have them buckled down so they cant move anywhere...) ;)

Time sure does fly.. I am so sad that it does. There are days I cannot imagine never having another baby and having this be the last newborn experience... but then again - I do realize that Kirstynn is just now starting to move and once she does I may change my mind....