Sunday, October 26, 2008

Potty news!!!

Well, this has been a very big week for my sweet little Addison. She is officially potty trained!!! :) This has been a little bit of a controversy for the last six months because a lot of friends and family thought that waiting until 3 years old was too late to be potty training. But Addison's babysitter told us from the very beginning that she didn't do it until they turned 3 because she felt only then were they truly mature enough and really ready. Well, God Bless her. I have seen a ton of my friends struggle for weeks trying to get it down... Addison has a few small accidents on the first 2 days (we started Tuesday) but by Thursday, she had it down. She has been doing awesome!! We even had a friends birthday party yesterday and with all the excitement, she still remembered to go! I am so proud of her I could almost burst! And I am glad I didn't succumb to the pressure and I am glad I waited until now when she can be really proud of herself and not struggle through the process!!
A couple other hints that might help for my fellow mothers of toddlers - my babysitter (who I again will add has done this for dozens and dozens of kids for years and years) advised no pull ups during the day. She advises these are just like diapers and don't allow them to feel the sensation of being dirty.. and this is the sensation that allows them to know its time to go. She also recommends asking them during the beginning part of this process that you ask them if they need to go every 45 minutes. But not to have them sit there ALL day long or nag when they say they don't have to go. This must be their potty training... and they must take responsibility for it. Finally - and this is obvious, but it doesn't hurt to be said - LOTS AND LOTS OF PRAISE!!!
Well, that's our big news for this week. 5 days until Halloween! I cannot wait!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My little girl turned 3....


My little girl is now officially 3 and I think that technically means she is no longer a toddler, but a true little girl.

Well I am happy to report that Addison's 3rd birthday party was a utter and complete success! All the kids were so good and the bouncy castle was a huge hit! My sister in law's cake was phenomenal and we had plenty of food. She got tons of dress up clothes, make up and barbies. And she has been in high heels and snap on earrings ever since. It really is cute. She keeps saying to me... "Mommy that was a really good party". I feel vindictated for all the hard work... :) And I even think all the adults had a good time.

Yesterday we took the kids to this cornmaze and pumpkin patch in Hondo, Texas and it was a lot of fun and good to be outside and get some good country fresh air. I wish it would have been a little cooler though because the heat brought bees and, as we all know, Adi is terrified of those so that was a little bit of a problem.

Afterward we went to this little restaurant named Sammy's in Castroville and had a good meal while discovering that Kirstynn now knows how to drink through a straw!!!! We are in big trouble because there will be no more eating in peace. If she sees the straw - she wants it and definitely knows what it is. I wish she'd get some teeth now. Almost 8 months and still looking like Mr.Burns with no hair and no teeth!

I am off today to celebrate Adi's official birthday and Im thinking of just taking her to a little quiet lunch and getting her some of her favorite mac and cheese and coming back to the house to play some candyland and dress up. As I told Thomas... it wont be long before she is telling us she would rather do ANYTHING than hang out with her embarrassing parents- so lets take advantage of the time right now.

Did I write that I went to the New Kids on the Block concert Friday night? And did I mention that it was completely unreal... I wanted to go for a good time, but it ended up being seriously one of the best concerts of my life. The energy was so high and the guys looked great and sang live and completely in tune!!! As you can see, we got pretty close.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Again, not much time but thought I would post a little update...
Addison is have a Disney princess themed birthday party. My sister in law is making this AMAZING cake for her and we are getting one of those bouncy castles that she has been asking for since she started seeing it in the kids music channel on cable. lol. It started out small but of course, nothing ends that way with the size of our family and great friends, so now its an all out bash! :) Addison is so excited and is asking for make up, purses and a plant.... ?!?!?! Dont ask. I only claim to HALF of her genes... ha ha!
Kirstynn has gotten SO good at this crawling thing - therefore making it really really hard to do just about anything around here so I can keep my eye on the two of them. I was so worried with being gone that she wouldnt come back to breastfeeding, but the second I got back I put her to the breast and she did great. I actually think I might just make it to my year mark after all! No one said it was easy - but it is possible.
My house is a bit - ok, a lot more than a bit - of a mess from being gone and busy since I have been back. I am so stressed about getting it cleaned I might just get someone in here to do it for me. Any suggestions?????
Ok - well off to the races of getting the girls dressed, hair brushed, lunches packed for me and phones remembered. ha ha! (speaking of I dropped mine in the sink in Seattle and now have a horrible 10 year old version I am trying to deal with)...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More photos


And Kirstynn is officially crawling.. Well, she start while I was in Seattle. It was a really nice touch to add to the guilt of already being away. I can already tell what I am in for once she reaches adulthood.....

We are getting geared up for Addison's 3rd birthday party on Saturday and my New Kids on the Block concert on Friday....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm back...


a lot to write but wanted to post a few of the pictures my AWESOME brother in law took...

Sunday, October 5, 2008



I am off to Seattle at 7:30am tomorrow morning! Poor Thomas is going to be alone and playing the single parent role for 5 days... Anyone up for inviting him for dinner or giving him a call to check up would be appreciated. I know he'll do great but I cannot help but worry. I am going to miss everyone so much!

Tonight my awesome brother in law is taking some family pictures for us. I am so excited. He did our wedding pictures and is SO good at it. We are taking outside ones so as soon as I get them done I will post.

Yesterday we spent some time at Sea World. The girls were so good and we had a blast. I am posting some pictures from the days.
Friday I working for UNited Way at the State Hospital and we through a hawiian festival and I got to teach the residents how to hula. I think they really enjoyed it and it sure makes you thankful for healthy children....
After that we went and sang some kareoke. I sang some Frank Sinatra and some Patsy Cline.. lol - more pics to follow.

Still addicted to cha cha too. and almost done with book number three in the Twilight series.. I just got my brother in law Peter to finish the first one and he took the second one last night!!!
I'll update everyone on my trip when I get back. TTYL....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kirstynn's Halloween Costume


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shooting Range!

Did I tell you guys that Thomas took me to my very first gun shooting range on Saturday too? To shoot a pistol?
I thought -ok, no big deal... I can do this. I got there and it was AWFUL! I had a mini panick attack. Seriously. The gun shots were SO loud that I had no control over the convulsions it sent my body into every time it went off. Plus I didnt realize that shells flew all over the place so I felt like I was getting shot at. My body got so tense that I pulled a muscle in my back and it still hurts. I cannot get over that some people do this for fun!?!?!
Plus, the guys at the front desk that we PAID to use their "shack" and "dirt hill" to shoot at looked like something out of a bad Oliver Stone movie. Not good. Really.

Anyway, I am just thinking about it cause my back is killing me... Never again.

By the way - paid for my half marathon yesterday! Officially in! And cannot wait!

Lastly, the news is freaking out about my work. Hartford stocks have dropped dramatically although I am sure it is all fine. It just makes for a soap opera like atmosphere for a few days!!!