Sunday, October 26, 2008

Potty news!!!

Well, this has been a very big week for my sweet little Addison. She is officially potty trained!!! :) This has been a little bit of a controversy for the last six months because a lot of friends and family thought that waiting until 3 years old was too late to be potty training. But Addison's babysitter told us from the very beginning that she didn't do it until they turned 3 because she felt only then were they truly mature enough and really ready. Well, God Bless her. I have seen a ton of my friends struggle for weeks trying to get it down... Addison has a few small accidents on the first 2 days (we started Tuesday) but by Thursday, she had it down. She has been doing awesome!! We even had a friends birthday party yesterday and with all the excitement, she still remembered to go! I am so proud of her I could almost burst! And I am glad I didn't succumb to the pressure and I am glad I waited until now when she can be really proud of herself and not struggle through the process!!
A couple other hints that might help for my fellow mothers of toddlers - my babysitter (who I again will add has done this for dozens and dozens of kids for years and years) advised no pull ups during the day. She advises these are just like diapers and don't allow them to feel the sensation of being dirty.. and this is the sensation that allows them to know its time to go. She also recommends asking them during the beginning part of this process that you ask them if they need to go every 45 minutes. But not to have them sit there ALL day long or nag when they say they don't have to go. This must be their potty training... and they must take responsibility for it. Finally - and this is obvious, but it doesn't hurt to be said - LOTS AND LOTS OF PRAISE!!!
Well, that's our big news for this week. 5 days until Halloween! I cannot wait!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that!!! You gave me a renewed confidence in my little Drew! Adeline potty trained herself, but Drew has not wanted anything to do w/ it and that little post was reassuring.