Monday, June 30, 2008

Man, am I glad...


Well, this morning was madness. I heard Kirstynn whimpering at around 5:45am this morning so in my groggy state of mind, I went in and grabbed her and then brought her to bed, attached her to me for some milk and fell back asleep. Well, I must have also turned off my alarm or forgot to set it last night cause the next thing I hear is the pitter patter of little feet next to my bed.. its Addison and its also 6:30am... I jumped out, got in the shower and rushed around getting everyone ready. I still made it on time, but as I was getting out of the car and getting ready to head into the office, I realized I forgot my breast pump. Ugh! So - had to call Thomas, but luckily he is bringing it to me (cause when I called he was still at home with the girls and couldnt find his keys).. lol - A Monday for sure..

This weekend was a lot of fun (minus some sickness) and we had some serious girl bonding time. I ended up spending the night at my moms and my sister Meredith did too. We woke up Saturday and mom made pancakes and the girls went swimming... Thomas got home late Saturday and was a little disappointed in the trip. He got seasick and ended up throwing up and didnt catch anything big enough to bring home. :( Yesterday was spent cleaning and doing laundry and grocery shopping etc.

So glad this is a 4 day week.... Man, am I glad....

Friday, June 27, 2008

First night alone!

Happy Friday! Well, today is the day that Thomas is taking off to go fishing "with the guys".. They should all have a fun time, although I am really glad I am not being asked to sit on a very rocking boat getting seasick while smelling dirty fish for 11 hours.. I think I am just going to stay home and get caught up with my Oprahs and have some red wine.
Work is ridiculously nuts right now because they are reorganizing the entire management tier. For those of you that dont know, I work as an Underwriter at The Hartford **have you seen Along Came Polly - I do what Ben Stiller is**. They have eliminated some positions and are joining the ranks of the rest of America's Corporate world of layoffs... It should be very interesting in the coming weeks.
The girls are doing great. Addison was in a sort of "I am a terror" mood last night and tested both Thomas and I's patience... We arent quite sure if she is getting as long of a nap as she really needs at her dayschool... But we made it through - got her fed, tagged teamed the girls for their baths (me with Addison and Thomas with Kirstynn) and then finally dropped to watch I love the New Millenium after the girls finally fell asleep.....
Wish me luck on sleeping in my bed alone tonight... It's been a long time...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow - I suck at blogs, but I am gonna try to keep up now


Well, The "new baby" - Kirstynn Jaan - is now 4 months old and doing so great. Her checkup showed 50% on weight and over 100% on height. I guess that part will take after Thomas too. I will add a few pictures... She had her first tastes of rice cereal and did pretty well, although we did have to wash the cover right after (or Thomas did).

Addison got her very first "boo boo" day before yesterday - fell down outside of Nana Lady's house (so many Nan's so they get called by their dogs names)... and scratched her knee. It was very dramatic and she had to have juice and a book and her favorite show in order for it to feel better.

Thomas is going fishing with my stepdad, his dad, his brother Peter and his friend Robert on Friday night until Saturday night so it will be my first night all alone with both girls.. should be fun!!!