Monday, August 9, 2010

"Thanks Mom.... You've ruined my whole life!!!!"

I know I am not dedicated enough to this blog but I refuse to give it up! I am going to keep going as long as I can remember!

We have had such an awesome summer! We went to the beach with great friends and the girls had a wonderful time. We have had a million pool parties and Addison is still doing gymnastics every Monday!
This coming Saturday is Schlitterbaun and next weekend is the lake with our Aunties!
Kirstynn had a speech therapist come and review her development cause I was still concerned about her speech. They did a full 2 hours of testing and it turns out she's just fine. She's actually a few months ahead.
I guess sometimes its hard to know milestones when she is up against a non-stop talker like her sister. Either way she is saying up to 3 and 4 word sentences now and even though she is a late talker, she can work an iphone like a champ!
Speaking of my attitude Addison, I have a funny little story I wanted to post so I remember it as she grows older. I thought I would honestly have a lot more time before this day and actually thought it would hurt a lot more.

Addison was screaming and playing with her sister and just overall being VERY loud. Her Dad and I both asked her to use an "inside" voice and she looked at me with a smirk and said "whatever". Well, naturally I walked her little butt to the corner where time-out is and came back into the living room. Thomas and I were sitting there when all the sudden, out of the silence, I hear...

" Thanks Mom.... You've ruined my whole life!!!!"

Yes. At the young age of 4 because of timeout, I ruined my daughter's life.
And it didn't hurt my feelings little bit. :)
Thomas and I (because she couldn't see us) giggled to ourselves and I felt a little sense of pride.
Hey, it takes skill to ruin someone's life that fast.