Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dave Ramsey

Well, we went to the money makeover seminar this morning with Dave Ramsey and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't looking forward to it as much as I had originally wanted to because I now know I am leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for Charlotte... I am so glad I went. He was so motivating and made so much sense. Why are people our age so OK with buying things we cannot really afford? Our grandparents would have never bought a car on credit, much less do things like I know people our age do like BUY GROCERIES? Enough is enough. But I wont preach. If you want to learn more, I would highly recommend going to his web page and checking it out.
Then tonight Thomas got box seat tickets for the Spurs game for free through work. He was so excited and so looking forward to it that I didn't have the heart to say I am not interested and would rather just stay home and cuddle and relax. So, after the kids go to bed, we are headed to a late start at the AT&T center... only to come home and try to get my packing finished. Go Spurs!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Business Trips..

Just found this and thought I would share...

When You Have To Leave Toddlers At Home
Guest Author - Yvonne RussellTips for Women Business Travelers

When you have to go away overnight or for a few days, maybe for the first time, help your toddlers understand.
1. Let them know well ahead of time, and tell them where you’ re going
2. Show them on a map and tell them about the place
3. Explain how you will get there e.g. car, plane etc.
4. Tell them where you are staying e.g. a hotel. Show them a photo of the room if you have one.
5. Explain it is for work and not a holiday, so they don’t think they are being left out of the fun
6. Explain that you will only be away a few days and that you will be back soon.
7. Tell them what will happen at home while you are gone e.g. babysitting, school drop offs etc.
8. If you have a partner, involve him in the explaining.
9. Be positive. Kids pick up negative vibes even though they don’t say anything. This may cause confusion and worry. 1
0.Talk about it as if it is a natural thing, and include them in your preparations.Involve Them

Use these tips as a starting point when you have to leave your toddlers at home. Fine tune them to suit your situation. Only you know the best way to explain these things to your particular children. You know how they will respond to different approaches and how they will best understand and cope. The key thing is to involve them, so that surprises don’t turn into negatives. They may have lots of questions. They may have none, or at least not that they ask out loud. If business trips away from home are going to be a regular part of your job, how you handle involving your children is crucial both short term and long term. The more naturally you can integrate the conversations about this in everyday interactions, the more likely the kids are to accept it and cope with it.

What you want is an outcome which gives both you and your kids peace of mind, both in the lead up to the trip and until you come home. Think about which approach and what to say to your. kids.

25 Random Things..

Well, the countdown to my departure begins. I am leaving on Sunday and am so worked up about it that I haven't slept good in days... Its actually kind of pathetic.
I am struggling to decide how to tell Addison that I am going to be gone and travelling a lot in the coming weeks? Do I start telling her now and let her kind of get used to the idea or should I want until the night before or should I just sneak out and call her from the airport? I think I need to google what is best.

Kirstynn has started to become the pickiest eater ever. Addison would eat anything you put in front of her (and still will) but just in the last week or so, Keeks has started spitting out everything I put in her mouth. Just in time for Daddy.....

I also did this thing on facebook that I thought I would post here... its called "25 Random Things about Me"... it's just a few little things that I came up with that some of you may not have known.. I'd love to see the rest of you bloggers do something similar.

1. I am what they call a cyberchondriac. I have a terrible habit of looking up all kinds of diseases online and finding the one thing that applies to me and then obsessing about it until I find another one.
2. I have lived in Georgia, Montana, Texas (Austin and SA), Colorado and London. My Dad was military and then I sowed my wild oats before settling down to be a wife and mother.
3. I think Austin is by far the coolest city in the world and I can say that as I have been to Amsterdam, Paris, all over Germany, Boston and NYC. Its the people and the feeling you get as soon as you drive into the city limits.
4. I honestly can say I have the best mom on the planet and she is the best Nana to the kids anyone could ask for.
5. I am lucky enough to have all my family around me on both my husbands side and my side. In fact, my husbands parents, sister & family and brother & family live in our neighborhood.
6. I love my new married last name and was always terrified I would have something so plain like Smith or Jones. I get asked daily what nationality it is and am happy to say we are the only Donbavand family in the US...
7. I have been skydiving and its not what you think. There is no drop in your tummy - its like a big fan in your face. I would never bungee jump though.
8. I am terribly competitive almost to a fault. I hate losing and it's one thing I'd like to improve in my lifetime and be better at.
9. I am a celeb gossip FREAK! I get the weekly US magazine and I love reading websites like Perez Hilton etc...
10. My kids are by far the best thing that ever happened to me. And I am so happy I ended up with 2 little girls.
11. I am lucky to have had the same best friend who I still see every day since I was 13 years old. And I would still go to her in a heart beat if I really needed something.
12. I drink a glass (ok maybe 2) of red wine every night. Hey, they say its good for you.
13. I have seen Dave Matthews in concert over 5 times and he is still the best concert I have been to and I would see him again.
14. Burgers and Fries are my favorite meal and I guess that is why I cannot lose these last 15 pounds after 2 kids. AND I still don't want to give them up (also see number 12).
15. I have run 2 half marathons, both after each of my beautiful daughters were born. I cannot wait to try the full!
16. I am a screamer when I get mad... not a silent treatment type person and I don't hold grudges. Really all it takes is a friendly smile and a comforting face to make me love you all over again. I hate not getting along and sadly, being liked is one of the more important things to me.
17. I think a good boss is the key to getting anywhere at work. If you do not have one, its rare things will change or you will get moved to this "inside" once on the outside. Look for something else. But always take something important from where you have been and appreciate the lesson. And the world is small so be nice.
18. I wish I could stay home with my kids but I cannot so I say that I would rather work anyway so I don't have to answer all the questions..
19. I hadn't had a single surgery in my life and since I have been married, I have had 4 ( 2 c-sections, gall bladder removal and another I'd rather not post)... I guess I am getting old.
20. I have a blog and I find it very soothing to write in it and know that some mothers even get something out of it. And I am especially glad I have inspired some good friends to start their own to document their babies growth...
21. I was born with VERY dark brown hair but cant every bring myself to really go back to it.
22. I snort when I laugh. And I am not the least bit embarrassed about it.
23. I adore karaoke! And my favorite thing to sing is Frank Sinatra..
24. I bite my nails and think it's disgusting but have tried everything in the world to stop and simply cannot. I have given up on it - bleeding cuticles are just my way of life...
25. I love that I found facebook and get to stay connected to many people I would in no way had ever talked to again....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sleepless in San Antonio...

Well, in less than one week I will be in Charlotte, NC. I slept terrible last night, tossing and turning, worried and sad about leaving the kids and Thomas. Again, I know my husband can handle it, but I wish so badly he didn't have to. I am going to miss them so much. And of course I am having the racing thoughts.. "Will Addison cry every night thinking I have left her for good?", "Is it worse that I am coming and going so Addison has to wake up to no mommy again every Monday morning", "Will Kirstynn forget me all together since 5 weeks is a LONG time in the span of her 1 year?", "Am I gonna miss Kirstynn's first step?", etc etc... And that is just to name a few. It's so hard but I just have to keep telling myself that in the long run it is for the better.....
A friend gave me a wonderful idea of buying webcams for my laptop so I can talk to them at night. I think I might try it.. I just worry that seeing me might upset Addison. Maybe I will try it once and if it doesn't fare well, discontinue.
Kirstynn took her first "step" this weekend too! She's been standing alone for 30 seconds to a minute at a time and finally took a mini step before falling on her diaper! It's so exciting. I wish she'd take one for the team and really walk before I leave on Sunday!
We found a pre-school that is being built in our neighborhood that Addison is starting in August. They use the A-Beka method of teaching which is what I was looking for and Addison cannot wait. She tells me every day she wants to go to "big" kid school. Its going to be very exciting. She will have to start school late because of her birthday which is why I am waiting until the fall - that will give her a full 2 years there before public school.
FYI.. the kids are sleeping GREAT! No more night waking!!!! Yeah!!

Monday, January 19, 2009



Just wanted to post a hint really quick. You know how I said Kirstynn had been waking up randomly now? Well, a friend at Thomas's work suggested the baby oatmeal (made by the same folks and in the same kind of box at the cereal.. in fact I'll try to find a picture). We added some of this to her bottle every night before bed (about an ounce or so) and it worked like a charm. She hasn't woken up since and actually LOVES the taste. She gulps that stuff down super super fast! Yeah!!

As for me, I'm working on this company holiday of MLK day. Everyone else is off, but I somehow thought it would look good to own up when they asked for volunteers. When did holidays become optional anyway?!?! And, to top it off, my husband just called and said that our kids are the only ones at the sitters today. Now I feel terrible that she didn't get the day off either. Oh well.. What are you gonna do?

Oh - here's the cereal... anyone suffering from lack of sleep should try it! OH! I almost forgot - another small hint. I started making sure either the heater or the air was on at night. Something about that white noise keeps her down. I noticed when we turned it off and it was almost too quiet for her was when she was more restless...

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I got the job!!! I couldnt say because I didnt want to have to answer a bunch of questions if I didnt get it but I have been interviewing for the last month for a telephonic sales rep position in my same company. I have been looking for something different for a while but wanted the right fit. I love the company I work for and it's so close to home and the benefits are great.. So I found something internal and it all just fell into place and seems like it was meant to be...

The only downfall on top of a promotion, more freedom, more challenges and the possibility of working from home is 5 weeks of training in Charlotte, NC. Ugh. My husband is not happy and I don't know how i am going to be away from my kids and Thomas for that long... Its 3 weeks straight, then 2 weeks home, then 2 weeks back in North Carolina. Good thing is they will fly me home every weekend so I will only have to go 5 days without seeing them. And I get to rack up the frequent flyer miles and hotel points. AND after that, no more late nights and no more travel again after that. Short term sacrifice for long term gains..

Kirstynn has been waking up again.. UGH! I have to break her of this before I leave or Thomas is going to lose his mind.. Anyone have any suggestions and what has worked for them? Its only once and once she eats, she goes right back down and its fairly sporatic. She doesnt wake up every night.... Help!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Twlight Movie

I finally saw the Twilight movie yesterday! Keep in mind too that I haven't been to a real movie in a real theater in over ONE YEAR! That's right... ONE YEAR!
I went in with VERY low expectations of it and wasn't even completely looking forward to it because I know that the movies never live up to the books, but I LOVED it!
I think they nailed Edward on the head! He was fantastic and I fell in love with him all over again!

Besides that, my little Kirstynn has been waking up in the middle of the night again. For the very first time in 10+ months, last night my husband got up with her (WHOO HOO!)
But brought her in bed with us to give her the bottle so I was still up the entire time and he was snoring again before I could get back down...
I guess just be thankful for the little victories. I think his plan worked though. I will just get up anyway from now on. No use in both of us being tired.

Funny thing is I am a big fan of letting them cry it out at this age (they love routine and if you pick them up once, they will do it twice and then you can just forget it) but because I know her teeth are just now coming through and I feel like there is a growth spurt in the mix, I don't want to ignore it, you know?
Plus, she really only has a little more than a month of being on the bottle. After her birthday, there will be no option of eating at 2am...... So, I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.... (yes, I just said enjoy night waking)...

My little announcement is delayed a bit (heck, there might not even be one) but I should know one way or another by Friday I think. I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A few more Christmas pictures...


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One small rant...

So, I have something kind of BIG in the works but I can't write too much until I know for sure because I know there are people that I don't even realize that might read about my boring little life now and then! But keep looking because I am hoping its an awesome announcement sometime before Monday!!!
Kirstynn officially has 2 teeth! So exciting!

One small rant:
Why is it that pediatrician and OB's want to so heavily guilt new mothers into breastfeeding? I have done it both ways with bottle feeding Addison and exclusively breastfeeding Kirstynn until now (she has completely weaned herself.. everyone worried about a 2 year old asking for "bitty" can relax)... but seriously... I feel just as bonded and just as close to BOTH of them! It's easier in the beginning to bottle feed because you are sore and tired and NO ONE can help you, but its easier in the latter months to breastfeed because at night, there is preparation and you are ALWAYS prepared!
A note to all those mothers...obviously do not give up too easily if this is something you really want to do, but don't ruin the entire experience for yourself if it's just not working! The baby just wants to be fed and as long as you are holding them and cuddling them and staring into those gorgeous eyes only you could create, that baby is going to love you and feel loved just the same. Do what make you feel right.
OK, off my high horse. Doctors... chill. We don't need anyone making us feel guilty... Us Mothers do that just fine all by ourselves....

Monday, January 5, 2009

2009~ Happy New Year!


What a wonderful vacation I had. From lunches at Chuck-E Cheese with the old school girls to heading to the park in 34 degree weather... it was lovely.
The girls were spoiled rotten and got more than I could have ever hoped for as a child. With so much family in town, we got to do Christmas 4 different times.
When Addison walked down the stairs on Christmas morning she couldn't wait to see if Santa and the reindeer had eaten their snacks... After she Oohed and Ahhed about that being gone, she opened her stocking. Everything she pulled out was followed with a "MOM - THIS IS JUST WHAT I WANTED"... I teared up more than a few times. She was so appreciative and excited and even super excited for her sister that I just wanted to eat her up!
Kirstynn FINALLY is getting her first tooth! Almost 11 months old but we can finally no longer call her Mr. Burns (my loving nickname for my sweet infant with NO hair and NO teeth)... She had a rough few nights of waking but slept last night all the way thru and I think she's past the hard part with this one!
In the last month, our family was also blessed with 2 new baby boys. Welcome to the world Chad and Talon! My step brothers had them just a few weeks apart from each other and Melissa and Allison have entered the wonderful world of motherhood. Congrats!
Onto 2009 - trying to get SUPER tiny and skinny like the rest of the world and I am also making a vow to stop texting and driving at the same time. Yes - I am that woman on the road... and I feel terribly guilty and I am stopping! I did a pretty hardcore workout today of running stairs, running the pavement and a lot of sit ups so cheers to a great start!