Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things..

Well, the countdown to my departure begins. I am leaving on Sunday and am so worked up about it that I haven't slept good in days... Its actually kind of pathetic.
I am struggling to decide how to tell Addison that I am going to be gone and travelling a lot in the coming weeks? Do I start telling her now and let her kind of get used to the idea or should I want until the night before or should I just sneak out and call her from the airport? I think I need to google what is best.

Kirstynn has started to become the pickiest eater ever. Addison would eat anything you put in front of her (and still will) but just in the last week or so, Keeks has started spitting out everything I put in her mouth. Just in time for Daddy.....

I also did this thing on facebook that I thought I would post here... its called "25 Random Things about Me"... it's just a few little things that I came up with that some of you may not have known.. I'd love to see the rest of you bloggers do something similar.

1. I am what they call a cyberchondriac. I have a terrible habit of looking up all kinds of diseases online and finding the one thing that applies to me and then obsessing about it until I find another one.
2. I have lived in Georgia, Montana, Texas (Austin and SA), Colorado and London. My Dad was military and then I sowed my wild oats before settling down to be a wife and mother.
3. I think Austin is by far the coolest city in the world and I can say that as I have been to Amsterdam, Paris, all over Germany, Boston and NYC. Its the people and the feeling you get as soon as you drive into the city limits.
4. I honestly can say I have the best mom on the planet and she is the best Nana to the kids anyone could ask for.
5. I am lucky enough to have all my family around me on both my husbands side and my side. In fact, my husbands parents, sister & family and brother & family live in our neighborhood.
6. I love my new married last name and was always terrified I would have something so plain like Smith or Jones. I get asked daily what nationality it is and am happy to say we are the only Donbavand family in the US...
7. I have been skydiving and its not what you think. There is no drop in your tummy - its like a big fan in your face. I would never bungee jump though.
8. I am terribly competitive almost to a fault. I hate losing and it's one thing I'd like to improve in my lifetime and be better at.
9. I am a celeb gossip FREAK! I get the weekly US magazine and I love reading websites like Perez Hilton etc...
10. My kids are by far the best thing that ever happened to me. And I am so happy I ended up with 2 little girls.
11. I am lucky to have had the same best friend who I still see every day since I was 13 years old. And I would still go to her in a heart beat if I really needed something.
12. I drink a glass (ok maybe 2) of red wine every night. Hey, they say its good for you.
13. I have seen Dave Matthews in concert over 5 times and he is still the best concert I have been to and I would see him again.
14. Burgers and Fries are my favorite meal and I guess that is why I cannot lose these last 15 pounds after 2 kids. AND I still don't want to give them up (also see number 12).
15. I have run 2 half marathons, both after each of my beautiful daughters were born. I cannot wait to try the full!
16. I am a screamer when I get mad... not a silent treatment type person and I don't hold grudges. Really all it takes is a friendly smile and a comforting face to make me love you all over again. I hate not getting along and sadly, being liked is one of the more important things to me.
17. I think a good boss is the key to getting anywhere at work. If you do not have one, its rare things will change or you will get moved to this "inside" once on the outside. Look for something else. But always take something important from where you have been and appreciate the lesson. And the world is small so be nice.
18. I wish I could stay home with my kids but I cannot so I say that I would rather work anyway so I don't have to answer all the questions..
19. I hadn't had a single surgery in my life and since I have been married, I have had 4 ( 2 c-sections, gall bladder removal and another I'd rather not post)... I guess I am getting old.
20. I have a blog and I find it very soothing to write in it and know that some mothers even get something out of it. And I am especially glad I have inspired some good friends to start their own to document their babies growth...
21. I was born with VERY dark brown hair but cant every bring myself to really go back to it.
22. I snort when I laugh. And I am not the least bit embarrassed about it.
23. I adore karaoke! And my favorite thing to sing is Frank Sinatra..
24. I bite my nails and think it's disgusting but have tried everything in the world to stop and simply cannot. I have given up on it - bleeding cuticles are just my way of life...
25. I love that I found facebook and get to stay connected to many people I would in no way had ever talked to again....


ikoliver said...

Mason is a crazy picky eater as well, so I feel your pain. We just introduced meat and he HATES it so far, I am actually sneaking meat into veggies if you can believe it! I have been meaning to rant about this on his blog...maybe I will do that!