Monday, January 12, 2009

Twlight Movie

I finally saw the Twilight movie yesterday! Keep in mind too that I haven't been to a real movie in a real theater in over ONE YEAR! That's right... ONE YEAR!
I went in with VERY low expectations of it and wasn't even completely looking forward to it because I know that the movies never live up to the books, but I LOVED it!
I think they nailed Edward on the head! He was fantastic and I fell in love with him all over again!

Besides that, my little Kirstynn has been waking up in the middle of the night again. For the very first time in 10+ months, last night my husband got up with her (WHOO HOO!)
But brought her in bed with us to give her the bottle so I was still up the entire time and he was snoring again before I could get back down...
I guess just be thankful for the little victories. I think his plan worked though. I will just get up anyway from now on. No use in both of us being tired.

Funny thing is I am a big fan of letting them cry it out at this age (they love routine and if you pick them up once, they will do it twice and then you can just forget it) but because I know her teeth are just now coming through and I feel like there is a growth spurt in the mix, I don't want to ignore it, you know?
Plus, she really only has a little more than a month of being on the bottle. After her birthday, there will be no option of eating at 2am...... So, I'm trying to enjoy it while I can.... (yes, I just said enjoy night waking)...

My little announcement is delayed a bit (heck, there might not even be one) but I should know one way or another by Friday I think. I'll keep you posted.