Monday, January 5, 2009

2009~ Happy New Year!

What a wonderful vacation I had. From lunches at Chuck-E Cheese with the old school girls to heading to the park in 34 degree weather... it was lovely.
The girls were spoiled rotten and got more than I could have ever hoped for as a child. With so much family in town, we got to do Christmas 4 different times.
When Addison walked down the stairs on Christmas morning she couldn't wait to see if Santa and the reindeer had eaten their snacks... After she Oohed and Ahhed about that being gone, she opened her stocking. Everything she pulled out was followed with a "MOM - THIS IS JUST WHAT I WANTED"... I teared up more than a few times. She was so appreciative and excited and even super excited for her sister that I just wanted to eat her up!
Kirstynn FINALLY is getting her first tooth! Almost 11 months old but we can finally no longer call her Mr. Burns (my loving nickname for my sweet infant with NO hair and NO teeth)... She had a rough few nights of waking but slept last night all the way thru and I think she's past the hard part with this one!
In the last month, our family was also blessed with 2 new baby boys. Welcome to the world Chad and Talon! My step brothers had them just a few weeks apart from each other and Melissa and Allison have entered the wonderful world of motherhood. Congrats!
Onto 2009 - trying to get SUPER tiny and skinny like the rest of the world and I am also making a vow to stop texting and driving at the same time. Yes - I am that woman on the road... and I feel terribly guilty and I am stopping! I did a pretty hardcore workout today of running stairs, running the pavement and a lot of sit ups so cheers to a great start!