Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa was a success!

For the first time ever, Santa was a success! Addison wrote a letter to Santa with clipouts of her favorite toys that she had been waiting forever to give to him. I never thought she actually would! :)
I think that, in combination with having her sister there, gave her the new found confidence. That being said - once she got up there she just kept asking for "a barbie car".. Keep in mind that my Christmas shopping was completely finished but there was no barbie car in tow. I had to venture out in the 40 degree weather yesterday to find one... We couldnt have her very first brave face turned sour because Santa didnt follow though now could we?
Thomas made it to the surgeon today and can go back to work next Monday! Halleluia! Praise the Lord! Christmas has come early! Dont get me wrong.. I love my husband very much and was terribly worried and felt very sorry for him for the first few weeks. But now... I just want him out of the house and back to work! :) haha!