Monday, December 1, 2008


His collapsed lung is called a pnuemothorax! Thomas is having what is called a blebectomy and a talc pleursis (sp?) today at 11am. Basically they make 3 small incisions first to see if they can find this bleb that keeps bursting with a mircoscope (a tiny fluid filled sac) and staple it. If they cannot find it, they will have to make one bigger incision and go into look for it that way. Then once that is taken care of, they spray a talcom like powder to the outside of his lung so that it was stick to his chest.
He will be in ICU today but hopefully after tomorrow, he can get back into his very nice VIP suite that the president of the company worked out for him and then with fingers crossed he can come home by the weekend.
Please keep us in your prayers! xxx