Friday, December 5, 2008


Thomas isn't coming home today unfortunately. There are still some small bubbles coming out of his chest tube that suggests there still might be a small hole in his lung. So, if it closes today, maybe we can come home tomorrow. I am thinking perhaps Sunday just so I don't get my hopes up too too much.
He's definitely getting around more and walked a good 3 rounds of the telemetry floor with the physical therapist yesterday.
Kirstynn didn't have an ear infection thank goodness. There was fluid in her ear but it was clear and the doc thought its probably just popping a lot and that is what is causing the fussiness.
I finally slept last night. Almost too hard. I didn't get want to get out of bed.
Well, at least it's Friday and I won't have to worry about missing any work to see my husband. Its such a tough line to draw right now with more lay-offs looming off in the future....