Saturday, August 29, 2009


Well, I am completely bummed and plan on being even more behind on my blogging that usual after this news.

My work internet blocked my blogger account.

This may not seem like a huge deal, considering I shouldn't be blogging or reading blogs on the clock anyway - and I wasn't. But at my lunch times sometimes I would take a minute out of the busy day to write something and relieve some stress. This was a treat.

Now I have to find the time between an 18 month old non-talker, an almost 4 year old "life of the party", a husband that claims he doesn't get enough attention anyway and a dirty house. :)

But here I am. I am bound and determined to keep this updated at least bi-weekly. I have a few seconds now only because my husband took the oldest out for a bit since he is leaving me alone tonight to attend a bachelor party in Austin, Texas. I am being a single mom tonight.

And I am actually kind of looking forward to having them all to myself and then watching whatever I want on TV.... with a good adult beverage of my own of course.

We have a very very busy few days ahead of us. I get to ride the guilt wave again all the way to a quick overnight trip scheduled in Oklahoma City for work, then I am back in the office for one day and then getting ready for my best friend's wedding in good ole Las Vegas.

Yes, I did just get back but this trip is going to be amazing and of course, its completely necessary.
I have my sister, my mother, my Nana, my hubby, my best friends etc all on one trip. I am so excited. Lots of good stories hopefully to come on that.
But before that and after my OK trip, I have ONE day to unpack, repack for me and get the girls ready for a weekend at Paw Paws .
Plus, I need my roots touched up, my eyebrows waxed, my toenails painted and need to get tanned....
Of course none of this will probably get done. I have no time. No time but yet I am sitting here writing this. lol

By the way (random thought inserted here) - have any of you ever wondered how to fold a fitted sheet????
Seriously... I crumple mine up and throw it in the closet until it's needed. I thought we all did.
Well, my new twitter BFF Kim, who is linked on the side, created a blog on this very subject as she is the queen at it. Take a look. You won't be disappointed!!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Woman's work...

I am sitting here in my living room watching a movie. Keekster is sleeping soundly in her crib. Thomas is taking a shower. Adi is at her Nana's enjoying some sun and fun. I've done the laundry and vacuumed the floors. It's quiet. I have some extra time.

Is it sick and demented that the silence makes me so anxious? My heart rate is actually increased due to having a few minutes with nothing exactly planned. Is it that there is something wrong with me or do all mothers that go a million miles per minute go through this?

Don't get me wrong. If I have "funtime" or vacations planned where I am supposed to relax and have fun, I can do it. If I prepare....
But it is these rare moments of piercing nothingness that I have a hard time swallowing. Isn't there something else I should be doing right now? Well, of course there is. There are windows to be wiped down, bathtubs to be scrubbed and closets to be cleaned out.

But instead I am writing in my blog. It is therapeutic. And I am making memories.. logging them for my kids to read about when they are mothers. Trying to figure out if they are normal...

So, that being said. I better write some memories down. I realized that there are a few super quirky subsets that I have never put on paper that if I do not do now, I may forget. In fact, now that I am saying this, maybe I did write these a few posts back, but I don't want to go back and check so I am going to do it again. Ha! Laziness at it's best.
Here we go...

- Addison sings the alphabet every time we open the dishwasher. No clue why, but it never fails

- Addison has a very structured bedtime routine... sometimes I wonder if she is OCD. We must get her a drink of water, let her show us how closed she wants her bedroom door, we read a book that she picks out, we say her prayers, she takes another drink, I rub her back for 5 minutes, then she takes another drink, then I do "snug as a bug" tucking her in and then she takes her blanky and ANOTHER drink. Then bed. Every night. You can set a clock by it.

- Kiki sleeps an outrageous amount of time during the day. Usually 12-14 hours at night and then 2 2-hour naps during the day. I keep thinking soon we will have to move to one nap but so far she is not budging. I'm not complaining but it does make me worry sometimes.

- Kiki clearly prefers her father right now. It sometimes hurts my feelings but considering I had her 9 months to myself and 9 months again during breastfeeding, I try not to fight it.

- Addison clearly prefers me. She is actually attached to me at the hip. I know it bothers Thomas a little but he deals. She has to sit next to me at dinner, she cries if I am not taking her to bed, she sits on my lap every time we are on the couch- heck she even follows me in the bathroom and the shower.

By the way - in the background of my living room, I am watching "She's Having a Baby" with Kevin Bacon and it's the part when she is in labor and "Woman's Work" is playing. I can feel the heartache. I'm so lucky for my family...

As always, such a random post. I wish I had more eloquent writing skills like some of my blogging buddies but at least that was a lot more fun than dusting or scrubbing a toilet. :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

My name is Jennifer....

My name is Jennifer and I am addicted to Twitter. No - seriously... I am addicted.

I have made some seriously GOOD friends in this cyber world. Like I am talking strong, beautiful, successful people.

It's like a virtual sounding board for people (mothers, professionals, foodies) that makes me feel normal and sane. There are women on here all around the world juggling kids, husbands, work, divorce, family illness, poopy diapers - EVERYTHING.
And I love reading about it. Heck, I miss the dang girls when I don't have time to check in.

I was on my business trip in Hartford the other day (they are pushing being a "fan" of the Hartford on facebook if you'd believe it) when one executive said

"I don't get twitter.. "I'm waiting on a'plane'.. 'I'm eating a sandwich'... who the heck cares?"

Well, misses boss lady... I do. I really do. So there!

Strange.... Maybe?!

But we are all so busy these days with t-ball, play dates, networking functions, cleaning house- who ever just feels like they are being listened to...
In twitterland, I personally have 185 people who make me feel like they care if my daughter is giving me HELL trying to get her to go to sleep in her bed. I have 185 people who care about my suggestions for a great burger. I have 185 people that care that I am getting on a plane!!
OK - maybe not. But maybe so! I care!
And it makes me feel important and gives me a little self-worth. I don't NEED it to feel good about myself but it sure doesn't hurt. :)

So, all those (especially over-stimulated mommies and working women) that are thinking of giving it a shot, I say do it. Who doesn't need another shoulder to lean on, another friend to laugh with? I know I'd never turn it down....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rock star....


Well, I had my trip and got back and I am glad to be home!!!! It was a great professional opportunity but nothing beats being home with family! Thomas is a trooper and does so great with the girls when I am gone. God Bless Him!!!

Kirstynn has had this weird heat rash around her mouth for the last few weeks. We took her to the doctor and she confirmed it is nothing serious and does not seem to bother her but still... I hate it. She has a blanky and also sucks her thumb while pulling her blanket up around her mouth. I am almost positive that this is what is causing it because it is one of those fluffy big beautiful Pottery Barn blankets. But is THICK and hot - and we've tried to supplement with something lighter, but she will not have it. The doctor recommended putting Cortizone cream on it once a day for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. But it doesnt seem to be helping much. Any other ideas out there????

Addison has discovered Hannah Montana, High School Musical and The Jonas Brothers. It is so weird that I have a daughter even old enough to care but now we are innondated with teenage rockbands. lol She dresses up in her princess outfits, sunglasses, and heels are sings at the top of her lungs.. Man, are we in trouble...

I am headed to Austin Friday night for my best friend's bachelorette party. I am so excited for her and cannot believe the wedding (in Vegas I might add - yeah) is right around the corner. I still feel like we are the 2 girls that used to have every class together and terrorize our Home Ec teacher in middle school. What an awesome history to be able to say we've been best friends for this long. I get all choked up just thinking about it......

Ok, well, this was my check in... Ta ta for now...