Friday, August 14, 2009

My name is Jennifer....

My name is Jennifer and I am addicted to Twitter. No - seriously... I am addicted.

I have made some seriously GOOD friends in this cyber world. Like I am talking strong, beautiful, successful people.

It's like a virtual sounding board for people (mothers, professionals, foodies) that makes me feel normal and sane. There are women on here all around the world juggling kids, husbands, work, divorce, family illness, poopy diapers - EVERYTHING.
And I love reading about it. Heck, I miss the dang girls when I don't have time to check in.

I was on my business trip in Hartford the other day (they are pushing being a "fan" of the Hartford on facebook if you'd believe it) when one executive said

"I don't get twitter.. "I'm waiting on a'plane'.. 'I'm eating a sandwich'... who the heck cares?"

Well, misses boss lady... I do. I really do. So there!

Strange.... Maybe?!

But we are all so busy these days with t-ball, play dates, networking functions, cleaning house- who ever just feels like they are being listened to...
In twitterland, I personally have 185 people who make me feel like they care if my daughter is giving me HELL trying to get her to go to sleep in her bed. I have 185 people who care about my suggestions for a great burger. I have 185 people that care that I am getting on a plane!!
OK - maybe not. But maybe so! I care!
And it makes me feel important and gives me a little self-worth. I don't NEED it to feel good about myself but it sure doesn't hurt. :)

So, all those (especially over-stimulated mommies and working women) that are thinking of giving it a shot, I say do it. Who doesn't need another shoulder to lean on, another friend to laugh with? I know I'd never turn it down....


Kim Jay...Everyday said...

I care! I now count you among my friends - real friends! I get judged for being on Twitter all the time, too. But, here's the's better than some alternatives to filling that "bored" spot in our lives. That spot where we need some adult-interaction all day or we'll go crazy. That spot where we can vent safely about our mister-in-raws! Ha, ha!

Love you girl!


Danni Springfield said...

ok, you've convinced me. I'm getting on Twitter. Sounds like my kind of thing!

nuckingfutsmama said...

You just explained what I couldn't quite put my finger on w/Twitter! None of my real world friends or acquaintances are on it (except my hubby, a cousin & an aunt), & they just don't get it. You are so right -- it IS nice to know that someone out there is listening! Especially since half the time, I feel like NOBODY is listening around here! Great post!