Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gym Bound....

So Thomas and I signed up for the gym and I am so freaking excited!

My goal is to workout Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday! I am going in the morning around 530am and luckily I found an awesome partner I can count on to keep me honest.

I am pretty sore today as Monday we did shoulders and arms and then today we did a spinning class.
I get to sleep in tomorrow and then we do back and chest Wednesday! I love it.

I just want to be skinny. Does anyone have any awesome success stories to share with me? Especially as far as diet plans are concerned... I would love the tips! It's hard because I still want to eat dinner with my family as we all sit down together and I want my kids to have a well rounded meal and I want to be a good influence and role model for the girls. And I don't want them growing up thinking I am always on a diet....

Tuesday, March 24, 2009



Big kid school

Well, I had a very difficult talk with the babysitter this week.

Addison has become more and more ready to get out there in the mix. I can feel that she WANTS to learn.

I have always felt very lucky that I had an in-home babysitter for the girls. I hate the idea of them being left in cribs for 8 hours a day as a baby just being picked up to be fed and have their diapers changed. My babysitter, Alice, has treated them as her own and holds them and they call her "auntie" and it's kept my guilt at a minimum.

That being said, Addison is now 3 1/2 and a more formalized learning environment is now in order. Every day she asked me when she gets to go to big kid school and I want to make sure she stays engaged and is constantly being stimulated.
We have a new pre-school being built in our neighborhood that teaches the A-BEKA method that I LOVE and I have decided that on June 1 I am moving her.

Keep in mind I had always planned on moving her when she turned 4 and that is why this was a harder conversation that I had anticipated.
I am moving her about 6 months early.
I know all parents say this, but my little girl is EXTREMELY social, very outgoing and always wanting to learn. I want to feed that and right now she is the oldest one in her "daycare" and has taken on a bit of a BULLY role.
I can appreciate that because I, too, am an oldest child so I know I will never completely get rid of the bossiness but want her to be challenged.
A lot of talk, but in the end, Addison is thrilled and the extra money and extra stop before and after work will be worth it.
** I am not going to lie though and say I am not looking a little forward to the day when they are both in school and this extra $1000 a month could be going to something for fun, lol**

Kirstynn is finally over her cold and has been a pure joy. She is really turning into a full blown toddler and you realize time keeps going faster and faster.... She laughs more and more and is only eating table food. Still taking one bottle of milk but sooner than later I am going to take that away.
I think Thomas is seeing that too because I am still getting the preggo push from both him and Addison. I am standing my ground though.

My new job is very busy and demanding but I feel challenged as well and am enjoying the newness of it all.
I did have 2 of my very good friends put in their 2 weeks this week though to head over to a competitor. That is kind of sad but things are ever evolving and that is what keeps things interesting!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to life... back to reality...


Well I am finally done with the 6 week training and I am so so so glad. I cannot imagine how hard it was on my husband (OK, well I can a little cause he told me ha ha) but he pulled through like a champ and the kids didn't miss a beat. I am thankful I never had to go more than 5 days without seeing them and both girls really took it well.

I did surprise myself on the last day however.

I cried when all of my classmates and I parted. WHAT?
Yes... I truly was shocked as I, more than anyone, was ready to get home.

I called my mother stunned ( as I actually felt a little guilty) and she compared it to getting thrown on a desert island with no family or friends and being forced to survive. And no matter how much you don't want to be there... creating bonds is an instinct.
So that we did.
I will miss all my classmates, but my cube mate little Anthony "Jersey" the most. I don't even spend that much time with my husband... I mean we were eating every meal together, sleeping in the same hotel every night, rode in the same cars and worked in the same windowless room. Intense is not even able to describe it. And no worries to all those questioning my intentions... he was 100% playing on the other side of the field (GAY in other words lol)....

Either way, it's done and over and an adjustment has to be made. I am going from a go-go-go-fly-fly-fly atmosphere to a pace where I haven't left the house in the 3 days since I've been home.

3 days is not quite fair either... as I came home to 2 poor sick little girls and a sick husband. We spent all day Sunday in the ped-ER and Kiki has a double ear infection and a sinus infection. Sweet thing had to get 2 shots of antibiotics in her leg...
And I had to call into my first day on the job.. (happy to do so of course as Mommy duty comes first)....
Addison and Thomas had the cold too but luckily don't have the intense infection Kirstynn has. Oh - did I mention my mother has it too??? Madness...

Either way, girls are growing... work is nuts and I love EVERY second...

Did I mention Thomas said he wants rugrat #3 Saturday morning and got Addison on board too?
YEAH RIGHT! This preggo train has left the building.. lolol

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back in Charlotte

I am back in Charlotte and spent a good hour crying to my husband last night cause I miss the kids terrible. I only have 2 more weeks left and I thought these would be the easiest since I knew it was the end.... but its been worse. Plus its been snowing and FREEZING here in Charlotte. I miss my 95 degree weather back in TeXXas....

Kirstynn is walking!!! She is taking a good 10 steps at a time and keeps getting better and better every day! She is so darn proud of herself and Addison screams with joy every time she gets a little further. Its adorable how great Adi is with her. I can only imagine the trouble that they are going to get into when they are older.

I am bringing home a "stray" home this weekend. My new friend Anthony from Chicago. I am going to take him to first Friday and then to some clubs Saturday. Still thinking of the best mexican good restaurant. Ideas?

Looking forward to this training coming to an end. Ill write more soon.