Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back in Charlotte

I am back in Charlotte and spent a good hour crying to my husband last night cause I miss the kids terrible. I only have 2 more weeks left and I thought these would be the easiest since I knew it was the end.... but its been worse. Plus its been snowing and FREEZING here in Charlotte. I miss my 95 degree weather back in TeXXas....

Kirstynn is walking!!! She is taking a good 10 steps at a time and keeps getting better and better every day! She is so darn proud of herself and Addison screams with joy every time she gets a little further. Its adorable how great Adi is with her. I can only imagine the trouble that they are going to get into when they are older.

I am bringing home a "stray" home this weekend. My new friend Anthony from Chicago. I am going to take him to first Friday and then to some clubs Saturday. Still thinking of the best mexican good restaurant. Ideas?

Looking forward to this training coming to an end. Ill write more soon.