Monday, February 23, 2009

The Keester is ONE!!!!!

Whew... well I am finally back in the San Antonio office today after being gone in North Carolina for 3 weeks! It was an extremely rough start to the day and I feel completely disorganized. Having no direct supervisor in the office has it's good points but it also has its bad ones considering no one here felt urgency to get me and my co-worker back up and running! Either way, it worked out and tomorrow is another day!

Kirstynn is officially ONE years old!!!I cannot believe it! Time flies. I have been posting this thing since I found out I was preggo and now she is almost a toddler. Since I was out of town *and yes I cried over and over that day* my hubby took the girls to my mom's and they had a little party for her and she LOVED getting sung to. I will post some fun pictures of her digging into her cupcake. She is also taking a few steps at a time and saying "bye bye"... She is growing up so fast and it really almost hurts.

Both girls are stuck to me like white on rice and it makes the guilt even thicker. I miss them and I know it is probably even harder for the girls. Or heck, maybe that is just me and it's not so bad. All I know is Addison keeps asking if I am leaving back on the airplane. I am telling her no so she can relax even though I do have to leave again Sunday.

2 more weeks... I can do it....