Thursday, July 31, 2008


Not sure what is going on, but I ran my 3 miles at lunch and ate some disgusting food from my work cafeteria and now I am feeling a little off. I better not be getting sick. I never should have trusted chicken that was being held in a container outside in 100 degree heat.

What can I say?

I was starving.....

Work is still pretty nuts....

Last night was a good night. Kirstynn slept from 9pm until I woke her up this morning!! The thumb sucking, although could create major future drama, is a BIG help right now! I think we are back to the good life. lol.

Work is still pretty nuts. We sent our Supervisor off yesterday by taking her to lunch and giving her a nice gift from Things Remembered. It was sad and although I never considered myself super super close to her while she was here, I was actually really sad to see her go. I even let a few tears go. Things are just changing so dramatically these days. Sooner than later I expect the hear how they plan on working the layoffs. We have a few more big wigs coming into the office next week for a Q & A session so maybe we'll get more answers.

I think I want to have a house party sometime soon as I have yet to entertain an adult party (a couple bdays and showers but that's it). I am super tempted to wait until Halloween though cause costume party's are a blast. Plus decorating for that is easy.
Thomas is still disappointed that I didnt do a housewarming, but I was preggo and did not feel like staying up late watching everyone get tipsy while I was uncomfortable and only thinking of my pillow...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So last night we had major drama...

So last night we had major drama. Thomas had to work late so the girls and I went to my moms for pizza.
Well, Addison was at the dining room table and was messing around, trying to get down and fell - right on her head.
On the tile floor.
And now she has a MAJOR egg on her head.

I was totally scared cause when that bump first shows up, it looked SO bad. Thank goodness my mom is a nurse and can talk me through it.
We put a bag of frozen veggies on it, gave her some tylenol and within about 20 minutes, she was playing again.... Until she laughed; then it hurt again.
Man, it breaks my heart when my girls are hurting.... But, she was up and back to herself today. We gave her some motrin this morning just to make sure she didnt get any aftershock headaches. Whew... Scary...

On a happier note: This is how I want to paint Addison's room. I talked about it before but didnt have my pictures with me...

More pics from the weekend...


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So, I went out and ran my 3 miles today! It was hot but it is getting easier and easier. I made it in 35 minutes. I knowthis is still not great and not at my goal of 10 minute miles, but its a lot better than it was. Plus, it feels better. I dont feel like I am going to pass out at the end of it anymore.

Now if I could just stop eating my weight in food every day. :)

It's not that bad. I am down to 140 and my end goal of before Addison was 125 so I am getting there. 9 months on, 9 months off.... That's what they say anyway.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pictures from the weekend.


My BFF Melissa being an excellent babysitter to Kirstynn!

My sister Lisa and I wearing the same shirt and my niece Jana.

4 best friends on the couch!

Adi and my friend Emily's oldest Kasen in the dining room.

Adi and her cousin Brayden in the toybox!

This is a great life!

So, Kirstynn slept from 8pm until I woke her around 6am this morning. This is a great life! And I honestly feel like a new person!

It's amazing to think back to last week and hear my tone from the old posts. It was really getting to me...

I now think it was really due to her initial cold that left the lingering cough that was waking her up. Plus this weekend I made a true effort to leave her for a few minutes before picking her up to see if she was just letting out a whimper or if she really wanted to get up.

I sent the pictures from this weekend to myself but for some reason they didnt come through so I will do it again when I get home. There are some really cute ones...

I am sure you noticed but I added a list of my favorite sentimental songs at the bottom of this blog. I was in tears just listening to them while picking them out. Any ideas of other ones?

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Weekend so far has been great. Spent all morning with my girls - Emily, Nicole and Melissa. Emily's mom made delicious breakfast and we took some pictures that I will download and put up tomorrow. There is something very comforting about seeing old friends and laughing and getting that wonderful feeling of nostalgia.. I miss it and wish life were a little slower so we could get together more often.

Although at one point I was sitting there and listening to stories of weddings, big moves across the country and new babies and I started to feel a wee bit sad. How fast time goes. So many stories and stages of life. How much I wish I could be with all of them to experience their special moments.

And how do you ever truely show your appreciation for all of the blessings we have? Not sure, but I hope by living an honest and good life, that it's a start. Thanks for my beautiful family and friends..... There just is no substitute.

P.S. Kirstynn has slept pretty much all through the night Friday and Saturday. And Thomas bought me my own Scrabble board! So, beware if you come to a party of mine cause you know I'll be whipping it out!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Just got a call from my babysitter

Alice, my babysitter, just called. She wanted to let me know that little Kirstynn has found her thumb. She said she is sucking away... Too funny.. and maybe this will help her nurse herself back to sleep at night...

Addison is with Thomas all day today. She has her follow up with the cardiologist for her heart murmur. Still there but she is doing great and doesnt have to go back for another 2 years... They said if it's not gone by the time she is 5 years old, she'll probably have it forever... No big deal. We are so blessed to have two healthly babies...

Thomas also just called and he is making a gourmet dinner tonight and said he bought me a present... Oooo! Can't wait to see what it is.

I know, I know. I shouldn't be whining so much.

I probably shouldn't even be driving anymore.
I mean, I could take the lack of sleep when I was home and on maternity leave, but this is seriously taking it's toll. I am afraid I am making mistakes at my job even. Ugh.
Up until now I have been exclusively breastfeeding in terms of milk for Kirstynn, but I am super close to giving in and making my husband get up with her to give her some formula this weekend. Unfortunately it will probably be a bit of a struggle to get my husband on board with that, but I am desperate.
No more than 3 hours in a row of sleep (besides the one night I blogged about before) in about a month - plus all the stress of the changes at work and keeping up with a 2 year old at home.
I know. I know. I shouldn't be whining so much. And I know it will soon pass. Venting alone on here makes me a little better.

Weekend plans: Tomorrow evening, we are headed to Red Robin for dinner to celebrate my cousin Brandon's 26th birthday with little Keekster... My sister is picking up Addison around 3pm to take her to a friends son's 4th birthday party so we will only have one kid in tow.
Adi is so excited that it's the first thing she says to me when she wakes up. I am taking her in the morning to pick out a present for him.
Sunday morning is going to be a lot of fun. I am getting together with 4 of my best girlfriends from middle and high school. Two of them don't even live here anymore and one of those just had her second little baby so it's a real treat.
Nothing revives you like a little girl time. And, of course, I cannot wait to show off my beautiful kids. :)

I also just asked my brother in law, who is super talented and took our wedding pictures, to take some family portraits for us. He agreed - SO NICE! So as soon as Dolly is gone and the weather clears up, we are going to take some around our neighborhood. I can't wait!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Another rough night.... Kirstynn was up at 1am and I was just too tired to walk downstairs so I gave up and brought her to bed with us.
I honestly don't know how anyone sleeps with their babies all the time. She kept both Thomas and I up all night long. Tossing and turning... Little coughs... Whimpers...
I now know to just suck it up and take her downstairs and back into her OWN bed...
My eyes are so red this morning and I purposely am wearing all black to let everyone know I am in mourning for sleep so LEAVE ME ALONE... :)

Random note - I am planning on running at least the half marathon here in November; maybe even the full.. But training officially starts next week although I have been running my token 2.8 miles here at work during lunch for a while now. The first "long run" next Saturday is 4 miles. I havent run that far since before the baby so wish me luck!!!

So glad it's Friday tomorrow....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008



Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Addison still woke up this morning with no fever so that makes me very happy. The doc yesterday gave us a cup for Addison to pee in to check for a bladder infection. But seriously..... you want my little 2 year old to pee in a cup?

That is absurd.

So absurd that I tried anyway... :)

Poor Adi was so scared of the cup. I think she thinks it is going to come out and grab her bum! She did not want to go in it.. She would go in the potty alone, but it had to go directly in the cup to be sterile. Not having it. After 30 minutes of trying to bribe her, I gave up.. And since she is feeling better, I think I am just gonna keep an eye on her and forget the cup.

Hurrican Dolly is on the way... Not that I am worried for weather's sake, but I heard on the news that gas could hit $6.00 a gallon. Holy Moly! I sure hope not... Otherwise I may have to find another job! :)

Kirstynn woke up again last night. That makes like 3 weeks straight of no good sleep... You'd think that I would be getting used to it by now, but not really...

Monday, July 21, 2008


Just wanted to post a quick note for those that are keeping up... Addison is back to her old self and driving my husband bonkers as I write this... I think she just caught a random 24 hour bug. No more fever!!! Yeah!!!

104 Degrees

Well, the first part of the weekend went really well, but it ended on a bad note. I'll start from the beginning....

Friday night Thomas and I took the girls to a really really good Greek restaurant with my parents.. They had an actual belly dancer there and Addison was in total awe... She was mezmorized. In fact, she didn't eat a single bite and that's not like her. lol So, anyone with kids at a toddler age: advice: this may be a great idea to keep them entertained while you have a delicious meal and some good wine.

Saturday I went house hunting with my sister-in-laws and my mother in law. We drove around to about 10 different model homes in our area and got some great decorating ideas for our new homes. We even saw homes in the $500K range! I found one room in particular that I want to emulate for Addison's room. It is two-toned with big circles lining the middle. Us girls were talking about taking on one room at a time in each of our houses and all pitching it to help! I am looking forward to it!

Saturday night my brother in law and his wife came over and we had a few cocktails after the kids went down and played Scrabble. I freakin' love that game! My best friend Melissa and I used to play constantly when we lived in London. I hadn't touched it since. That will change! I am buying one as soon as possible!

Sunday was when the trouble began... Thomas and I ran our own errands during the morning and then after the girls (and mommy) had naps, we decided to head to my parents for swimming and some dinner. When we got there, Addison immediately wanted in the pool, so we dressed both girls and got wet!!!! That only lasted about 30 minutes when Adi wanted out. I thought it was odd she wanted out so fast, but figured she just wanted in to play with her toys...

Well, once we got in and I was feeding KiKi, Addison didn't move from the couch. She was just laying there so quiet watching her Noggin looking glassy eyed!
So I started to worry and went over to check on her. When I felt her head, it was on fire! So, we gave her a popsicle and shoved our food down our throats and headed home. Once we got there and administered the motrin, we took her temp. She scared the you-know-what out of me when it read 104.1... Ugh! So Thomas and I immediately get on the phone to our moms trying to get advice from the all-knowing (we are So lucky to live by them). Both told us not to rush to the ER but to get the fever down and keep an eye on it.
She finally cooled down and went to bed, but was up again at 3am. She was burning up again. I gave her more meds and took her temp again. Let me also state we are idiots and do not have an ear thermometer. We have to take it the good old fashioned rectal way. And, completely understandable, Addison hates it. So, after that struggle in the middle of the night, the temp is bad again - 103.5! Ugh!

Needless to say, she is headed to the pedi today to find out what is wrong. And we are praying whatever it is doesnt make it back to Kirstynn... We'll keep you updated!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am so lucky,,,,


Friday, July 18, 2008

Butternut Squash

Well, she slept through the night last night... THANK GOODNESS!

My mom gave me a brilliant, and oh so obvious, idea to feed her more before she goes to bed. That way she doesnt wake up super hungry 3 times at night. :)
Soooo, she ate a full can of butternut squash baby food with a little baby cereal mixed in and then I topped her off with milk.. and I guess that was all it took. Duh!

Usually she just sort of nurses on me on and off all evening. I have been randomly giving her a little taste of baby food here or there. All the websites say that breastmilk is really all they need until they are 6 months old, but that you can start giving solids at 4 months. Our pediatrican said to start slowing adding them in at her 4 month appointment. But since it wasn't totally necessary and it gets REALLY messy, I was only giving it to her when there was time. I guess my growing girl needs it regularly.... No more free food!

Today at work is a bit of a sad day because my "work mom" and team best friend is moving back to her home town and is working remote. She keeps me sane when it all becomes a little too much and I am going to miss her ALOT!

We took this team photo to surprise her with to keep on her desk. One good lookin' group of insurance nerds, huh? :)

Well, TGIF - no big plans, but that is always able to change!!!! I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Zzzzzz... zombie

Well, this is officially the 4th night in a row that I have not had more than 3 hours of sleep. And I am really starting to feel it today. I couldn't even muster up the energy to blowdry my hair so I look a little rough at work this morning. Kirstynn was up at 1am, 3am and again at 5am (at which time I just gave up and brought her into bed with me.) This part of motherhood can be a little tough to take sometimes....

Yesterday at work was pretty dramatic too. About 20 people from my department were pulled into a room with some bigwigs from Home Office and were told in a round-about way that in the next 6 months to a year, lay-offs are a possibility. Can you say panic??? I am trying not to, but geez, this economy is scary. I get waves of true worry lately that if things get much worse, I am going to have to make some serious lifestyle changes. Gas, food, electricity... it's like our country is on a never ending price hike. And I have never really been in a situation like this in my lifetime. Ok, I guess the lack of sleep is getting to me and the depressing thoughts are seeping in. I need a nap. ha ha

On a random note, I have another friend who did the lemonade diet (or master cleanser) and lasted 14 days!! She lost 11.5 pounds and inches from every part of her body! I tried it a year or so ago and lasted less than 2 days... It was pretty motivating though so maybe after I am done breastfeeding, I will try again.... Anything to get rid of this last 15 pounds!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008



So, just thought since I mentioned it earlier, I would update you on my stepdad Steve. He is retired military so he goes to Wilford Hall on base... When he went in, they asked if he wanted to be part of a medical study. He agreed.. but now he'll probably never know if he ever had MRSA or even if he is on real anti-biotics or sugar pills... Ugh - men! :) The good news is he is feeling somewhat better so I guess it isn't anything we need to worry too much about.

Kirstynn is still not feeling great. She has a terrible little cold and isn't sleeping too great. Still no fever though so I guess I should be grateful. It is the toughest thing watching a little one cough and feeling the rasping of her breath when I am holding her....
I am having lunch today with an old friend Danni that I havent seen in a while and her new baby. It's so exciting seeing girlfriends being mothers for the first time... It puts you in a bond that can't really be made through anything else. I am going to take a camera and take some pictures and I'll try and post later this week.
2 more days until the weekend.... The countdown begins.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some of my favorite Mother Daughter quotes...


A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend. ~Author Unknown

Of all the haunting moments of motherhood, few rank with hearing your own words come out of your daughter's mouth. ~Victoria Secunda

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tic Tac Tile...


My poor husband and in-laws have raw hands on this Monday. They spent almost 12 hours making my front porch look awesome! They tiled it in the heat of the sun and I just know all of our neightbors are jealous with envy.. ;)

I spent all of Saturday at my Nana's house playing this game she has called Wahoo... ever heard of it? Its kinda like "Sorry" but with marbles... SOOO fun and addicting. And I had a really fun time hanging out with my Aunt and the rest of the gang...

Addison wore her panties for the first time yesterday with no diaper and she didnt have a single accident. We are so proud and can't believe how easy this is... She is honestly potty training herself. She tells us when she needs to go, and even empties her potty when she is all done (after running around the house with the bowl in her hand of course to show us her proud accomplishments - ha ha). She really is one smart cookie!

Kirstynn, on the other hand, didnt have such a great weekend. She has her very first little cold and has been coughing her little heart out. Poor thing. No fever though so that is good. And docs no longer allow cough medicine, so all she is getting is extra TLC....

Back to the grind... Mondays always remind me how badly I wish I could be a stay-at-home mommy with my girls..

Friday, July 11, 2008

I worried for nothing...

Thomas took the girls to Peter Piper with his parents and sister and her kids last night. I had a work function I had to go to so I rushed to get the kids after work, rushed them home, fed Kirstynn and sent them back out the door with their dad. I felt bad about having to go so I cut it short and got home around 7:30pm... and they werent even home yet!!!!
I worried for nothing! Cause they ended up having a total blast and Thomas said the girls were really good. Addison is usually really scared of rides, but last night her Pops made her very brave and she rode the airplane that went really high in the air... So cute.
Addison also woke up this morning and first words were "I want to use the little potty"! She is doing so good!!! I am not even going to end up having to do any work. She is training herself!!
In scary news, my step-dad has a weird infection under his arm that could possibly be MRSA... they have tested him for it... so we wont be headed to my mom's for a while.. I will keep you updated.
Finally, Thomas's parents bought him tiles for the house and this weekend him and his parents are going to tile our front porch. I'm really excited to see how it turns out. I think we already have the best looking yard on the street thanks for my very green-thumbed husband!!
Ok - well back to work and the countdown to the weekend!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Rock Star...


So, for Thomas's 30th birthday, the family pitched in and bought him the game "rock band" - we got it last night and played for 3+ hours. It is such a fun game. Seriously. I was the lead vocals (of course) and TJee was the guitarist... Either way - its going to be a huge hit at family functions and parties...
Kirstynn is sooo wild now - just rolling around like a crazy person. I cant even look away for 30 seconds without finding her on the other side of the room. And when I find her - she is just beaming with pride. So proud of herself *as she should be*... She also had her first can of baby food - sweet potatos... and she ate the entire canister...
Addison has been getter better and better at the potty training. Its the first thing she does when she gets home from school and she is even doing it at school now. We have a little baggie of M & M's and whenever she goes, she gets to pick one out of the bag... It is a little hard because my babysitter wont actively train them until their 3rd birthday because she says by that time, they are fully ready and it takes 2 days to do it. I guess making bathroom breaks every 15 minutes with a 2 year old isnt condusive when you are watching 5 different kids. But if Addison asks, she will take her. And it looks like Addison just might be ready to train herself....

Monday, July 7, 2008


So... Kirstynn is officially teething. We went out Saturday night for Thomas's birthday and my poor mom ended up having to call me around ten to please come home and help put her to sleep. Keep in mind my mom was feeling so guilty for calling me (although so glad she did) for not getting her to fall asleep herself,but she wanted the breast and was not taking the bottle for ANYONE. As soon as I got there, she had worn herself out by crying so much that she fell instantly asleep. But last night she was up 3 times in the night just upset... and she hasnt woken up at night in forever... Needless to say, I feel the ridges of tiny teeth in her gums so I hope they break through fast.
On a side note, Addison wrote the letter A all weekend and showed it to everyone. My daughter is drawing letters....!!!! I know its probably completely normal, but I swear she is the smartest thing. And she has a weird quirk - everytime I open the dishwasher to load it, Addison sings the alphabet. Who knows why.... lol

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Officially a big girl

So 2 quick things...
Kirstynn is officially mobile. Thursday at my moms she rolled from front to back and has been all over the place since...
Second, this is ridiculous (as Addison would say) but I have to write it down before I forget... We were driving home Thursday evening and Addison was throwing something in the backseat. I told her to stop it or she would be in trouble. She followed with the most random comment ever - "If I am not good, I will go into time out, get a spanking and then I will hate my life." Keep in mind this girl has never had a spanking in her life and I know neither Thomas nor I make comments about hating our lives. And she said it so calm and matter of fact..... Crazy kids....

Thursday, July 3, 2008



Thank goodness it is Thursday!! I am sooo looking forward to a 3 day weekend. It is going to be a busy one though. The 4th is going to start with a morning parade around 10am, then we are heading to a friends to swim and BBQ from 12-3pm and then to my parents for more swimming and food from 3-630-ish and then fireworks around 8pm! These are the plans anyway - who knows how long the kids will really last... I did buy them matching 4th of July outfits so that they can be embarressed when looking at the pictures when they are older.

Saturday is not going to be much calmer. My husband is turning 30!!! So we are going out to celebrate.. We were going to leave the kids, but I think we are taking them along. Its still to hard to leave them and Addison will probably enjoy all of the games at Dave n Busters.

Kirstynn turned over (did I write that already???) - and funny enough, they usually do it from front to back first, but she went from back to front. She sees something on the side of her and will reach and reach for it until she is finally on her tummy. And then the screaming begins... she hates being on her stomach for "tummy time". She cant see all the action... Either way - movement is beginning so I no longer have the freedom to lay her on the bed and take a shower... I know I have to make sure I have eyes on both girls at all times (or at least have them buckled down so they cant move anywhere...) ;)

Time sure does fly.. I am so sad that it does. There are days I cannot imagine never having another baby and having this be the last newborn experience... but then again - I do realize that Kirstynn is just now starting to move and once she does I may change my mind....