Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So last night we had major drama...

So last night we had major drama. Thomas had to work late so the girls and I went to my moms for pizza.
Well, Addison was at the dining room table and was messing around, trying to get down and fell - right on her head.
On the tile floor.
And now she has a MAJOR egg on her head.

I was totally scared cause when that bump first shows up, it looked SO bad. Thank goodness my mom is a nurse and can talk me through it.
We put a bag of frozen veggies on it, gave her some tylenol and within about 20 minutes, she was playing again.... Until she laughed; then it hurt again.
Man, it breaks my heart when my girls are hurting.... But, she was up and back to herself today. We gave her some motrin this morning just to make sure she didnt get any aftershock headaches. Whew... Scary...

On a happier note: This is how I want to paint Addison's room. I talked about it before but didnt have my pictures with me...