Monday, July 7, 2008


So... Kirstynn is officially teething. We went out Saturday night for Thomas's birthday and my poor mom ended up having to call me around ten to please come home and help put her to sleep. Keep in mind my mom was feeling so guilty for calling me (although so glad she did) for not getting her to fall asleep herself,but she wanted the breast and was not taking the bottle for ANYONE. As soon as I got there, she had worn herself out by crying so much that she fell instantly asleep. But last night she was up 3 times in the night just upset... and she hasnt woken up at night in forever... Needless to say, I feel the ridges of tiny teeth in her gums so I hope they break through fast.
On a side note, Addison wrote the letter A all weekend and showed it to everyone. My daughter is drawing letters....!!!! I know its probably completely normal, but I swear she is the smartest thing. And she has a weird quirk - everytime I open the dishwasher to load it, Addison sings the alphabet. Who knows why.... lol