Sunday, July 27, 2008


Weekend so far has been great. Spent all morning with my girls - Emily, Nicole and Melissa. Emily's mom made delicious breakfast and we took some pictures that I will download and put up tomorrow. There is something very comforting about seeing old friends and laughing and getting that wonderful feeling of nostalgia.. I miss it and wish life were a little slower so we could get together more often.

Although at one point I was sitting there and listening to stories of weddings, big moves across the country and new babies and I started to feel a wee bit sad. How fast time goes. So many stories and stages of life. How much I wish I could be with all of them to experience their special moments.

And how do you ever truely show your appreciation for all of the blessings we have? Not sure, but I hope by living an honest and good life, that it's a start. Thanks for my beautiful family and friends..... There just is no substitute.

P.S. Kirstynn has slept pretty much all through the night Friday and Saturday. And Thomas bought me my own Scrabble board! So, beware if you come to a party of mine cause you know I'll be whipping it out!