Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Addison still woke up this morning with no fever so that makes me very happy. The doc yesterday gave us a cup for Addison to pee in to check for a bladder infection. But seriously..... you want my little 2 year old to pee in a cup?

That is absurd.

So absurd that I tried anyway... :)

Poor Adi was so scared of the cup. I think she thinks it is going to come out and grab her bum! She did not want to go in it.. She would go in the potty alone, but it had to go directly in the cup to be sterile. Not having it. After 30 minutes of trying to bribe her, I gave up.. And since she is feeling better, I think I am just gonna keep an eye on her and forget the cup.

Hurrican Dolly is on the way... Not that I am worried for weather's sake, but I heard on the news that gas could hit $6.00 a gallon. Holy Moly! I sure hope not... Otherwise I may have to find another job! :)

Kirstynn woke up again last night. That makes like 3 weeks straight of no good sleep... You'd think that I would be getting used to it by now, but not really...


Taegensmom said...

when Taegen was a baby they put a mock catheter on him to catch the pee... I cannot imagine trying to get Nico to pee in a cup even though she is 100% trained. Good God, what a silly doctor you have. Glad she is feeling better!!!