Friday, July 18, 2008

Butternut Squash

Well, she slept through the night last night... THANK GOODNESS!

My mom gave me a brilliant, and oh so obvious, idea to feed her more before she goes to bed. That way she doesnt wake up super hungry 3 times at night. :)
Soooo, she ate a full can of butternut squash baby food with a little baby cereal mixed in and then I topped her off with milk.. and I guess that was all it took. Duh!

Usually she just sort of nurses on me on and off all evening. I have been randomly giving her a little taste of baby food here or there. All the websites say that breastmilk is really all they need until they are 6 months old, but that you can start giving solids at 4 months. Our pediatrican said to start slowing adding them in at her 4 month appointment. But since it wasn't totally necessary and it gets REALLY messy, I was only giving it to her when there was time. I guess my growing girl needs it regularly.... No more free food!

Today at work is a bit of a sad day because my "work mom" and team best friend is moving back to her home town and is working remote. She keeps me sane when it all becomes a little too much and I am going to miss her ALOT!

We took this team photo to surprise her with to keep on her desk. One good lookin' group of insurance nerds, huh? :)

Well, TGIF - no big plans, but that is always able to change!!!! I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'll pray she keeps it going. I'll send you brain waves while I'm feeding Luke if she decides to wake-up again. Love the blog!