Monday, July 21, 2008

104 Degrees

Well, the first part of the weekend went really well, but it ended on a bad note. I'll start from the beginning....

Friday night Thomas and I took the girls to a really really good Greek restaurant with my parents.. They had an actual belly dancer there and Addison was in total awe... She was mezmorized. In fact, she didn't eat a single bite and that's not like her. lol So, anyone with kids at a toddler age: advice: this may be a great idea to keep them entertained while you have a delicious meal and some good wine.

Saturday I went house hunting with my sister-in-laws and my mother in law. We drove around to about 10 different model homes in our area and got some great decorating ideas for our new homes. We even saw homes in the $500K range! I found one room in particular that I want to emulate for Addison's room. It is two-toned with big circles lining the middle. Us girls were talking about taking on one room at a time in each of our houses and all pitching it to help! I am looking forward to it!

Saturday night my brother in law and his wife came over and we had a few cocktails after the kids went down and played Scrabble. I freakin' love that game! My best friend Melissa and I used to play constantly when we lived in London. I hadn't touched it since. That will change! I am buying one as soon as possible!

Sunday was when the trouble began... Thomas and I ran our own errands during the morning and then after the girls (and mommy) had naps, we decided to head to my parents for swimming and some dinner. When we got there, Addison immediately wanted in the pool, so we dressed both girls and got wet!!!! That only lasted about 30 minutes when Adi wanted out. I thought it was odd she wanted out so fast, but figured she just wanted in to play with her toys...

Well, once we got in and I was feeding KiKi, Addison didn't move from the couch. She was just laying there so quiet watching her Noggin looking glassy eyed!
So I started to worry and went over to check on her. When I felt her head, it was on fire! So, we gave her a popsicle and shoved our food down our throats and headed home. Once we got there and administered the motrin, we took her temp. She scared the you-know-what out of me when it read 104.1... Ugh! So Thomas and I immediately get on the phone to our moms trying to get advice from the all-knowing (we are So lucky to live by them). Both told us not to rush to the ER but to get the fever down and keep an eye on it.
She finally cooled down and went to bed, but was up again at 3am. She was burning up again. I gave her more meds and took her temp again. Let me also state we are idiots and do not have an ear thermometer. We have to take it the good old fashioned rectal way. And, completely understandable, Addison hates it. So, after that struggle in the middle of the night, the temp is bad again - 103.5! Ugh!

Needless to say, she is headed to the pedi today to find out what is wrong. And we are praying whatever it is doesnt make it back to Kirstynn... We'll keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

I hate it when the babies are sick! Keep us posted on Addison's prognosis. We'll be praying for you guys.
P.S. The room sounds cute!

Jules said...

poor baby!