Friday, July 11, 2008

I worried for nothing...

Thomas took the girls to Peter Piper with his parents and sister and her kids last night. I had a work function I had to go to so I rushed to get the kids after work, rushed them home, fed Kirstynn and sent them back out the door with their dad. I felt bad about having to go so I cut it short and got home around 7:30pm... and they werent even home yet!!!!
I worried for nothing! Cause they ended up having a total blast and Thomas said the girls were really good. Addison is usually really scared of rides, but last night her Pops made her very brave and she rode the airplane that went really high in the air... So cute.
Addison also woke up this morning and first words were "I want to use the little potty"! She is doing so good!!! I am not even going to end up having to do any work. She is training herself!!
In scary news, my step-dad has a weird infection under his arm that could possibly be MRSA... they have tested him for it... so we wont be headed to my mom's for a while.. I will keep you updated.
Finally, Thomas's parents bought him tiles for the house and this weekend him and his parents are going to tile our front porch. I'm really excited to see how it turns out. I think we already have the best looking yard on the street thanks for my very green-thumbed husband!!
Ok - well back to work and the countdown to the weekend!