Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So, just thought since I mentioned it earlier, I would update you on my stepdad Steve. He is retired military so he goes to Wilford Hall on base... When he went in, they asked if he wanted to be part of a medical study. He agreed.. but now he'll probably never know if he ever had MRSA or even if he is on real anti-biotics or sugar pills... Ugh - men! :) The good news is he is feeling somewhat better so I guess it isn't anything we need to worry too much about.

Kirstynn is still not feeling great. She has a terrible little cold and isn't sleeping too great. Still no fever though so I guess I should be grateful. It is the toughest thing watching a little one cough and feeling the rasping of her breath when I am holding her....
I am having lunch today with an old friend Danni that I havent seen in a while and her new baby. It's so exciting seeing girlfriends being mothers for the first time... It puts you in a bond that can't really be made through anything else. I am going to take a camera and take some pictures and I'll try and post later this week.
2 more days until the weekend.... The countdown begins.


Randall Williams & Estefanía Lewis said...

Hola soy de Esquel, Patagonia Argentina.
Mauro Mateos

Taegensmom said...

I love little Adi, she is darling! I only wish we lived closer!!!