Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just call me "Soccer mom"

So, I always used to laugh about the fact that one day I will be a "soccer mom". Signing up for snacks for a game, making spirit signs, driving a minivan.....

That day has come. Well, part of it anyway. I refuse to get the minivan.

When the girls were first born, I used to pray for a day out of the house. Between naps, feedings, bathroom breaks etc - there was just no point in leaving. It ended up being way more trouble than it was worth.

Well, those days are definitely a thing of the past.

Let me describe my week. Please keep in mind that I work 40+ hours a week in my "other" job.

Monday nights are gymnastics for Addison. So after working from 8am until 5pm, I jump in my car and get home as fast as I can to get Addison dressed, fed and back into the car by 5:45pm to be at the gym by 6:15pm. Then I wait for an hour and rush back to get Addison ready for bed.

I usually sit down FINALLY at 8pm.

Tuesday of this week was actually fun because we went out to eat as a family but again - wasn't home and done until after 8pm because of bath time.
Wednesday is now soccer practice for Addison. Hence, the soccer mom statement. It's so fun but man, one more evening of peace turned into chaos. Last night.... again... not home until after 8pm.
Tonight and tomorrow we may just have a break but we have birthday parties on Saturday and a huge family gathering on Sunday for Easter.
I wouldn't change a thing but man, those days of never leaving the house seem so far away. So, so far away.