Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wow - I suck at blogs, but I am gonna try to keep up now

Well, The "new baby" - Kirstynn Jaan - is now 4 months old and doing so great. Her checkup showed 50% on weight and over 100% on height. I guess that part will take after Thomas too. I will add a few pictures... She had her first tastes of rice cereal and did pretty well, although we did have to wash the cover right after (or Thomas did).

Addison got her very first "boo boo" day before yesterday - fell down outside of Nana Lady's house (so many Nan's so they get called by their dogs names)... and scratched her knee. It was very dramatic and she had to have juice and a book and her favorite show in order for it to feel better.

Thomas is going fishing with my stepdad, his dad, his brother Peter and his friend Robert on Friday night until Saturday night so it will be my first night all alone with both girls.. should be fun!!!


Danni Springfield said...

I'm so glad you're doing this! Keep it up! It's fun to read what it's like once they do more than sleep and eat all day. :)