Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Again, not much time but thought I would post a little update...
Addison is have a Disney princess themed birthday party. My sister in law is making this AMAZING cake for her and we are getting one of those bouncy castles that she has been asking for since she started seeing it in the kids music channel on cable. lol. It started out small but of course, nothing ends that way with the size of our family and great friends, so now its an all out bash! :) Addison is so excited and is asking for make up, purses and a plant.... ?!?!?! Dont ask. I only claim to HALF of her genes... ha ha!
Kirstynn has gotten SO good at this crawling thing - therefore making it really really hard to do just about anything around here so I can keep my eye on the two of them. I was so worried with being gone that she wouldnt come back to breastfeeding, but the second I got back I put her to the breast and she did great. I actually think I might just make it to my year mark after all! No one said it was easy - but it is possible.
My house is a bit - ok, a lot more than a bit - of a mess from being gone and busy since I have been back. I am so stressed about getting it cleaned I might just get someone in here to do it for me. Any suggestions?????
Ok - well off to the races of getting the girls dressed, hair brushed, lunches packed for me and phones remembered. ha ha! (speaking of I dropped mine in the sink in Seattle and now have a horrible 10 year old version I am trying to deal with)...