Sunday, October 5, 2008


I am off to Seattle at 7:30am tomorrow morning! Poor Thomas is going to be alone and playing the single parent role for 5 days... Anyone up for inviting him for dinner or giving him a call to check up would be appreciated. I know he'll do great but I cannot help but worry. I am going to miss everyone so much!

Tonight my awesome brother in law is taking some family pictures for us. I am so excited. He did our wedding pictures and is SO good at it. We are taking outside ones so as soon as I get them done I will post.

Yesterday we spent some time at Sea World. The girls were so good and we had a blast. I am posting some pictures from the days.
Friday I working for UNited Way at the State Hospital and we through a hawiian festival and I got to teach the residents how to hula. I think they really enjoyed it and it sure makes you thankful for healthy children....
After that we went and sang some kareoke. I sang some Frank Sinatra and some Patsy Cline.. lol - more pics to follow.

Still addicted to cha cha too. and almost done with book number three in the Twilight series.. I just got my brother in law Peter to finish the first one and he took the second one last night!!!
I'll update everyone on my trip when I get back. TTYL....