Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shooting Range!

Did I tell you guys that Thomas took me to my very first gun shooting range on Saturday too? To shoot a pistol?
I thought -ok, no big deal... I can do this. I got there and it was AWFUL! I had a mini panick attack. Seriously. The gun shots were SO loud that I had no control over the convulsions it sent my body into every time it went off. Plus I didnt realize that shells flew all over the place so I felt like I was getting shot at. My body got so tense that I pulled a muscle in my back and it still hurts. I cannot get over that some people do this for fun!?!?!
Plus, the guys at the front desk that we PAID to use their "shack" and "dirt hill" to shoot at looked like something out of a bad Oliver Stone movie. Not good. Really.

Anyway, I am just thinking about it cause my back is killing me... Never again.

By the way - paid for my half marathon yesterday! Officially in! And cannot wait!

Lastly, the news is freaking out about my work. Hartford stocks have dropped dramatically although I am sure it is all fine. It just makes for a soap opera like atmosphere for a few days!!!