Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Funday!

Sunday, Funday... and I am just totally depressed that the weekend is already almost over! :) Last night was a definite adventure. We went out for a bit with our brothers and a good friend from work after the kids fell asleep. It ended badly with some blood, bile and break ups... None of them mix.... I will save the names to keep from incriminating anyone... We've all been there though...

The girls are still sick. We have a house full of snot and more dirty kleenex's than I care to think about it. I think all the congestion is finally breaking up though... I toted both of them to the doctor's office Friday afternoon to get them checked but of course I got the same old "it's just a cold - let it run its course" song and dance. Paid a pointless copay. :)

We have so many people in from the Houston area who can't get home to their stuff still because of all of the hurricane damage. They say a lot of them won't have electricity for weeks. I feel so bad for them. It's so hot here and humid and just gross.

Well, I need to head off and start cleaning and doing laundry. Oh the exciting life of a mommy of 2!