Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just get it...

Well, I finished my first book in the twilight series. It is amazing. I am NOT exaggerating! Go buy it. You will be hooked. I want people to read it so we can start a fanclub and sit around drinking wine and talking about our love for Edward. And trust me, you will love him. I even got a guy friend to begin reading and he admitted almost having his first "guy crush". If you dont want to bw with him, you want to be him. Just get it.....

Wanna hear something weird? As I was laying in bed last night finishing it, I heard this posycho laughter coming from my bathroom.... it went on for about 20 seconds. My heart just about jumped out of my chest.... I think I may have even stopped breathing for a minute.
Once it stopped I realized it was one of Addison's babydoll's that went off. But it's not supposed to laugh unless it is squeezed. Spooky... I am blaming it on possible failing batteries but come on... how may scary movies has there been about this type of thing?? Either way, I still havent gone in to touch it or move it. I am too scared. lol.

Well, off to take care of my weekly grocery shopping. Just off the hook fun I tell you! I live on the seat of my pants these days... :)