Monday, September 8, 2008

Flies and Chucky - oh the madness!

Well, this weekend was a full one!!!

Saturday morning we had our coffee and fully committed to cleaning the house top to bottom! And I am proud to say we did it. From dusting and vacuuming to toliets and mopping the floors... It took about 4 hours, but was worth it because the heavy stuff had been neglected for a little while.
Of course, there are already toys everywhere, but I'd always rather have messy than dirty any day!

Then following the cleaning spree, we attended 2 family birthday parties. The first was at Chuck e Cheese and was a mess. Addison hates it - she is just absolutely terrified of any people dressed up in the big cartoon characters.
As soon as Chucky came walking out, her head was buried in my sister's chest and wouldnt come out until we left... Who knows why she is scared of it. But at least it gave us a good reason to get out of there quickly.

Our second party was a little better except it was outside at Chris Madrids and Addison is also terrified of flies and was not having it. There were lots of the black flying friends and she couldnt focus on anything but that. It didnt make for a relaxing time, that's for sure.
And, to top it off, you know I am a complete celebrity addict! Come to find out, Thomas Gibson (from Criminal Minds and Darma and Greg) was sitting right next to us the whole time and I never even got to see him. I was too busy chasing away flies and feeding green veggie glop to Kirstynn. :)

Finally, on a very very sad note, I am having a really hard time with my breastmilk. The last week has been a little stressful and it has all but dried up. I could tell Kirstynn was upset and still hungry all day yesterday and when I tried to pump a little last night, it was literally just tiny drops.
Not even a full ounce after 20 minutes. I was a full on mess.

I read somewhere that you can take fenqueek, this herbal supplement, to increase your milkflow and I am trying that and not ready to give up yet. She is not even 7 months and I am determined to make it to a year. I am going to do my best to get it back until Friday and if, by then, I am still struggling, I guess I am going to have to quit. Ugh. Just writing that bring tears to my eyes.....
I have to start getting more though because I found out I have to make a trip for 5 days to Seattle at the beginning of October and if I dont have enough pumped, she will have to go on formula.
I dont even have enough now to feed her for today, much less pump for later....
Any ideas or anything that worked for you????