Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And the planning begins....

What a week this has been so far!
Monday night I spent all evening at the emergency pediatric clinic cause Kirstynn had a fever. Turned out she had ear infections in both ears. Poor baby.. We got her some antibiotics though and she is on her way to feeling better! But that night, she was up screaming the entire time and it was rough...
Tuesday was an extremely busy day... But the most exciting part of it (again maybe TMI, but I have a lot of girlfriends who will want to know) - I got my new copper IUD. I was so nervous all day that I almost backed out until right before. Luckily as I have said before, I am totally crushing on my OB/GYN, so that was a little bit of an incentive. lol. I thought it was going to hurt so badly. It didnt. And it is the most effective and widely used birth control method in the world. And it is hormone free. So it doesnt interfere with breastfeeding, no pills to remember to take and it last for something crazy like 10 years! Best thing on top of that was my insurance paid for it and it only cost me $30!
I sent out the invitations to start the process of getting ready for Addison's 3rd birthday party. It is such a struggle because Thomas and I love throwing parties and having people come, but its such a large party that during present time, it seems absurd to have that many people there. I always feel like the guests must think that we are spoiling her and asking for more presents than any toddler needs. But with family, it seems like if one brings something, another has to...etc. But, its a celebration and we decided to invite everyone and leave it to them how they want to proceed. Addison is just going to be excited to have a cake. She has been talking about her birthday cake since the last one!
I'm in the middle of my second book in the Twilight series... its called New Moon. And yes, I am still obessed. And now Thomas is too. He was up until midnight last night reading. He couldnt put it down either. They are on sale at Walmart people. Get out there and get them! :)