Thursday, September 11, 2008

My milk came back!

Well, it's almost the end of the week again and now we are on our way to a rainy windy maybe tornado-filled weekend. Ike is supposedly heading this way at one time or another. And everyone is kind of buzzing and looking forward to it. I guess that happens when you dont really get rain on a regular basis. The funny part is I am not worried, but excited and my family, including my husband, is running around for batteries and flashlights. Oh the drama. :)

Both the girls have their colds back and that also means Kirstynn isn't sleeping through the night again. It's a lot to take, but at least I know it is short lived. I'm definitely tired though...

Great news... my milk came back!!! I was on a mission and with the help of some cool herbs and the night waking, I am back up to my old self. I am definitely proud! And I decided Keeks will just have to get formula for the 5 days I am on travel and I will pump out there and just resume when I get back. I really want to feed her for a full year and it looks like I am going to make it.

It sure is amazing the amount of people who just don't really appreciate the benefits of it and like to make the "well i guess it's just time" and "isnt she a little old for that already?" comments. In my mind, I'm like she is still a baby! She isn't even crawling yet! Give her some time to be a baby! lol.

I just know now from my previous daughter Addison that time just flies and this time when they are willing to cuddle and just be close to you is so short lived. And I am going to take advantage while I can!

My mom picked up the kids last night from school cause we had an appointment and accidently scratched her with her ring. It was nothing but Thomas thought it would be funny to send this to her cause she tends to feel overly bad about everything! lol

Well, off to shower and get ready for another late day 10am - 7pm. Ugh. It's just awful....


Anonymous said...

Yay!Yay!Yay! I'm so happy for you and Keeks, that your milk is back! You go girl!!! And don't worry about what anybody says. She is still a baby. I nursed Adi until she was 11mos, and both my friends nursed until 18mos! I plan on nursing Luke for the full year too. It's just too good for them. (By the way.. I have been diagnosed w/ SHINGLES!!!)