Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Thank goodness for parents!

Thank goodness for parents... (and I am not talking about me!). Thomas's mom made us pasta and an amazing fruit salad last night and brought it over warm and ready to eat.
It made my life a lot easier not having to make dinner and do dishes. I feel super lucky to have so much famiy around...
After dinner, I fed Kirstynn and she fell asleep at 7pm. And she was out. Like the deadweight out. So I put her into her crib and got in the bath with Addison and washed out the pink hair dye her Dad had so sweetly slathered in on Sunday... The she was down at 7:45pm and I just laid down for a second after that and I was out. Didnt wake up until 6am. Lol. I guess I was tired....

Addison was super happy to see Nana and Pops too. Her nana made her this adorable pink tutu (pictures of it in older posts) and Addison adores it! As soon as they got to our house, Adi ran upstairs to put it on and get her pink shoes that light up when you walk and told me to put on music (Hannah Montana specifically) so that she could dance for them. Too cute.

Thomas is at home in bed and hopefully by this time tomorrow the anti-biotics will have kicked in and he will be back to almost 100%. So weird that this strep throat was so mild... Whenever we have gotten it in the past, we are down for the count. Maybe it's an easier summertime version of it. I just hope it doesnt make its way around the family.

I have my appointment with the eye doctor today to see what is going on with my contacts. I am wearing glasses today. And I never do that. So embarrasssing... Not really because they are glasses but because I dont really take care of them and they are terribly crooked.

Plus the meeting with the bigwigs at work is today. I will let you know if it is just another meet and greet type of thing or if they are gonna give us any real answers...