Thursday, August 7, 2008

He has no choice - I need help! :)

Well, still tired today but that's ok.
I feel better about the week and that's all that matters.
And after some sweet encouragement from my breast-feeding advocates, I am not giving in!!! :)

I did, however, let her cry it out last night. I let her cry 10 minutes, then went in, turned her over, covered her up and left for another 10. At about the second 9 minute mark, she finally went back to sleep with a few whines here and there throughout the night.
19 minutes of hearing her cry and not going in to pick her up is a bit daunting, but its this or formula.
I know she's not hungry anymore cause she gets tons of milk and baby food before bed. I just think she got into the habit and knew she could nurse herself back to sleep. Hopefully after a few nights of this, she will start sleeping again.

Another quick gripe though - since this is NOT feeding, it would make sense that Thomas and I could perhaps take turns getting up and turning her over etc...
Well, I got some major attitude this morning when I suggested it. I guess he got VERY spoiled just assuming that he would never have to take part in this nighttime ritual... I am still sitting here trying to think of a tactful way of telling him - he has no choice. I need help. :)

I am taking off early today to use a massage gift card I got from my birthday and havent been able to use. That was April. :) So, I am take a few hours to myself and I am not feeling guilty one bit. And it's free! So, I might have to stop in for a quiet pedicure without the kids too.