Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mama Mia, Mama Mia

So, earlier this afternoon, my mom treated me and my sister and Nana to see Mama Mia. "Yeah - great" you are probably saying with a hint of sarcasm, as I know I was. But to my surprise, it was actually really really good.
A perfect mother-daughter flick. And so much fun.
Any woman who likes to sing out loud to "Dancing Queen" cannot get through this one without a smile.
And there was a part in there that definitely had me tearing up... I dont know how in the world I am ever going to let my girls go off and leave me and get married. I made Addison promise me as soon as I got home that she will live with me forever. She happily obliged, but something tells me that she may change her mind one day.

All this being said - do not submit your male counterpart to this... he will most definitely think it is pure misery.... :)

Last night after the kids fell asleep, I got out the house for a bit. My dad agreed to sit here and let Thomas and I head out for a short cocktail. It wasn't a late night or anything but it was fun. And we needed some time out together... And to top it off, both girls slept in to 8:30am this morning.... Awesome!!

This week is going to be a bit of a relief at work because we are back to being fully staffed. The entire month of July was tough because the majority of it, we were only operating at about half and PTO was frozen. So this month I have a couple of days off and it will seem much more manageable since I will only be working my own desk. And we have some more bigwigs in town so maybe we'll get some more info on the lay-offs....