Monday, August 18, 2008

Guilt Trip...

It is the last day of my little vacation and I am really sad.

I have really enjoyed my time off alone with the girls. Addison broke my little heart today cause she was sooo excited again to be staying home with me today and made a big frowning face when I said back to school tomorrow.
Talk about laying on the guilt for having to work....
These are the times when I beg to win the lottery. It is such a struggle for me.
In some ways I really think the girls are getting important lessons in socialization and learning to mind other adults in school. Plus Addison is so smart and I know half of what she learns she is picked up from being in a different atmosphere.
But then I know it is also ridiculous that Alice, my sitter, gets to spend more time with them than me.
I just have to remember that I am teaching them that they can be a good wife and mother and still have some goals that are only for them.

It's really funny because in my new neighborhood, there are tons of stay at home moms - even a little club for them. They barely talk to me because I am a "working" mom. It's sad that it is so divided. That women can't stand together to be stronger rather than tearing each other apart for different lifestyles. I will just have to smile big and make the BEST Christmas cookies to pass around when the time comes. :)

Well, fixing to take the girls up to the park before it starts raining...