Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scary Green Monster!

I ran my 3 miles today and it was so flippin hot! Not a single breeze or speck of shade but it felt AWESOME! It's really starting to feel easier and I am really looking forward to the marathon coming up! I have to sign up by the end of the week to get the reduced rate so I will be completely obligated by Friday!

Is everyone ready for football season? I cannot believe it is already time again but I am trying to think of somewhere fun to go to watch the kick off game of Longhorn football on Saturday! Hook 'em!

Last night we took the girls for a walk around the neighborhood and then to the park. I swear Addison makes friends whereever we go. There was another little girl there about her age and within about 4 minutes, she had convinced her to push Addison on the little swing. My little manager in training.

I almost forgot - so yesterday here at work, I was in my "medical" room for my first pumping session and my pump BROKE!

I was completely terrified.

I had to get something fast and it was not budging. I ran back to my desk and called the manufacturer and since we got it with Addison even though I had only been using it for 6 months with Kirstynn, the warranty was out.

I had to order the $100 motor part. At least they gave me a 25% discount. But this still takes about 2-3 days to get delivered so what the heck was I supposed to do in the meantime???

The lady advised me there was 1 place in San Antonio that rents the part compatible with what I already have. So at my lunch, I hurried over to the hospital and rented it.

Ok, although it works wonderfully, you should see this thing. It is definitely not inconspicuous... Bright green and HUGE! People must think I am carrying around my liver or something. Drama... Here 's a wonderful picture.

Don't you just love walking around work with everyone and their mom asking me what this thing is....

The things we moms do for our babies... :)