Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Update

So, I can honestly say that I have never been so sore in my entire life. Saturday morning, I was on the verge of taking a prescription narcotic to fight off the muscle pain I was fighting from my first workout week. I usually say that I love being sore because you know you have worked hard, but wow. This was painful. I couldn’t even roll over to the other side without truly moaning in pain. Sad, I know.
I did, however, still get my fat butt up out of bed this morning at 5:30am and started week 2 of my workout plan! I am very excited and tomorrow is 5:15am spin class! Whoppee!

So, sometime on Saturday Kirstynn just “got it”. It is funny. They can know how to walk for close to a month and almost refuse to use their new talent and then one day – boom! They get the confidence and realize they can do it. She was off and only walked all weekend. It kid of made me sad though because once they start walking it is hard to even fool yourself into believing that they are babies anymore. I read all of these blogs of friends and relatives with new babies and sleepless nights and colic and when you are in it, it seems so hard and frustrating, but now looking at them I almost feel jealous.

The girls had their cousins over from both side at different times on Saturday too and had a blast. During the day, the boys came over and ran through sprinklers and ate popcorn and watched movies and had a blast. I love a house full of kids. I think the mommy part is my calling. If only I could do it full time. I think I’d be more fulfilled. I don’t get to see my sister-in-laws kids as much as I would like so it was really nice to have some alone time with them. Then my Aunt Donna and her 2 girls came over and Addison got another fun evening playing with her cool big-kid girl cousins and she talked them into spending the night at Nana’s! I was skeptical but she ended up doing great and had a blast! And Kirstynn slept until 9am (13 hours) that night so we got to sleep in. BIG bonus!

This week is preparation for Easter. I am so behind and need to spend a little time on Jesus and get prioritized.


ikoliver said...

If you are missing sleepless nights you are welcome to come to my house! Sad thing is that your little one is only a few weeks older than mine and we are still sleepless! We are CIO tonight, whoo hoo can't wait:)

Unknown said...

hi! so glad you looked up my blog- it's always nice to have another cousin :) i'm bob's (uncle jim's younger brother) daughter- along with my little sis lindsey back east. i'm linking back to your blog and if you're ever in chicago- come visit!