Friday, April 17, 2009

Boo Hoo....

So, it has been an eventful week or so… The most important and most disheartening is that my little sister (the love of my life behind my kids and my husband) might be leaving to take a job in Galveston. She was offered a job as a sales rep for Schlitterbahn and has been out of a job since being laid off in October. I am excited that she has been offered it and want her to succeed and will do all I can to support her, but darn it! I love my sister so much and she is my best friend and I am sad she won’t be around the corner! Its funny because a few years ago, I would have been pushing her for any reason to be “free” and get some experience away from the nest and gain some experiences. Children change you. Now that I have little ones that adore her; I just keep thinking how much my children will miss out on not having her around. She is the funniest, most loving, giving woman I know. Either way – I won’t tell her all of this and I know she doesn’t read my blog (she thinks I am nuts for posting my life plus she says she knows it all anyway) – so I will pour my heart out here and suck it up when I get out in front of her.

My kids both have colds….. AGAIN! Daycare is a permanent germ fest. And there is nothing I can do about it. And with the runny noses, fussiness and coughing in my face comes the pitter patter of little feet running into our room at 1am. Addison couldn’t sleep in our bed to save her life as a baby and even now as a kid, when she is well, she likes her room and sleeps best there. But as soon as that nose starts dripping, she’s with us. And why is it that they always sleep on top of the mommy?? So a little tired in the Donbavand house but hopefully it will be short-lived.

I am still going to the gym. Just finished my third week but am not seeing any weight lost. I say that but I refuse to step on the scale. I am just waiting for my clothes to fit looser. Hopefully this will change soon or I am going to start getting discouraged. I am working on having slim fast for lunch and eating regular dinners and a light breakfast. This is the end of week one for that so I am giving this a full 2 months before I even think about giving up! Again – I got some great menu tips that I have been working on but if you have any more for me – I’ll take it!


ikoliver said...

Good for you 3 lbs is awesome! Also nice news on the sister front, I wish I had family around to help out.