Monday, April 27, 2009

Started week 5 today!!! Whoo hoo! I haven't weighed myself again but my clothes feel looser! And that makes me extremely happy!!!

Did I write that I finally had my allergy testing done? They checked for 52 different allergens and poked me that many times as well. Good news is that I was actually only allergic to less than 10. Bad news is that those 10 are EVERYWHERE! I was allergic to all 4 types of house dust mites, cockroaches (I know.. I cannot believe that they tested for that either), feathers, mountain cedar, mesquite and dogs and cats.
I start allergy shots on Wednesday! I have to admit I am a little nervous about taking shots for 3 years but super excited to be able to go to family's homes at holidays etc without becoming super miserable.

Is anyone else out in blogger world a little nervous about this swine flu? There are so many Mexican nationals in San Antonio that it seems impossible that it won't start spreading here. And I am not too worried about the flu now as it seems pretty mild and not too worrisome. The scary part is if it starts to mutate or if it spreads too fast and the entire country ends up home sick.
I have to admit that my husband bought some face masks from Walmart this weekend and there was only 1 other box left on the shelf. Heck - I know we don't need them now but I don't want to be frantically trying to find them if we do.
Plus, I am debating with my need to look "cool" and wearing them on the plane to Vegas here in a few weeks if it is still a threat. The last thing I want to do is spend my vacation huddled up in a hotel room trying to fight a fever.


ikoliver said...

Just don't stop the shots once you start. I did not finish the 3 yrs and my allergies got WAY worse than before I started the shots. I just couldn't keep up with it, kept feeling sick and can't take them when sick...then so much time had passed I just quit. BIG MISTAKE...just keep on top of it. Congrats on the weight loss I am so envious!

Unknown said...

ok here's a gross thing i learned about cockroaches from all my time spent in nyc (read at your own risk): if you have cockroaches in your apartment, NEVER step on them and squish them b/c, if they have eggs inside them, the eggs will live and hatch inside your rug. ewwwww!

Danni Springfield said...

Tell me more about this allergy testing, please. Travis has horrible allergies. I know he'd love to schedule an appointment and have this done. Where did you go? Did insurance cover it?