Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday...

Whew… Good Friday is here and I am trying to take a moment to reflect on all that I have to be thankful for. And there is quite a bit!

This weekend the Easter Bunny visits our house and I am embarrassed to say that I literally spent over $100 on stuff for the girls yesterday. First of all – it was all at Target so its not like I was getting them I-phones and Jimmy Choo shoes, but all the little things add up. They had the cutest little baskets so of course I had to buy news one and then I bought the fun little toys and some limited bunny candy, but then thought to myself…. (why not let the Easter Bunny as take credit for getting stuff I really need to buy them anyway?). So in went new bathing suits, sunglasses, matching short sets, new baby utensils for Kirstynn etc etc. I am positive when I was their age, Easter was not this expensive… lol. Next year, maybe I should step it down even further and run over to Dollar Tree. Ha ha

I finished week 2 at the gym and my workout partner went out of town for Easter today so I am going to run at lunch. Weird but I kind of miss the running and being outside. The weights are so important and necessary if the weight loss is really going to happen but a nice 3 mile job in beautiful weather actually sounds GOOD. Nice! Looking forward to that at lunch.

Kirstynn had found a new favorite pastime – feeding, kissing and burping her little baby doll. I have to say that it is adorable and amazing that even at that young age, little girls enjoy the role of playing the mommy. They are both getting so grow up! Daddy is home with them today and they are going on an adventure somewhere. He was thinking Brackenridge park to do the merry go round and the train. I'm so jealous.

On the down side, my sister is interviewing for a job in Galveston and she has never lived away from home and it brings tears to my eyes just thinking she may not be around. I just take for granted that I can almost always call her and she’ll be there. I know I should be happy for her and I am but still, secretly I am terrified she’ll go and I will lose my best friend…..

On a better note,– my mom just bought us tickets to see Wicked and I terribly excited. We are going to make a date out of it and I see margaritas at Acenar afterwards. Yes, I definitely see that.