Monday, March 15, 2010

Selfish attention-grabbing brat

Ok, go ahead and say it with me... out loud - "Jennifer sucks"... 

I was so good for a long time at keeping up with my blog but since I made it private, I haven't been nearly as motivated to write in it. 
Does that say selfish attention-grabbing brat or what??? 
Hey, at least I can admit it.

But I do cherish this little site.  It helps me keep up with the moments in my babies lives (and my own for that matter) -
So, I think I am going to back pedal and "un-private" it. 
I'll just have to make sure I keep any comments that could potentially get me fired or assassinated to myself...

This first post, since it's kind of a catch-up one, is going to be straight family focused.

What's new with Addison?
- Is writing her name all by herself in addition to writing Nana, Dad, Mom and Stop.
- knows to call 911 if there is an emergency
- is obsessed with Icarly and Hannah Montana shows
-changes clothes at least 5 times a day and is in a crazy "layering" phase

What's new with Kirstynn?
- She is finally putting her words together and her vocabulary is growing by the day.  Her favorite words right now are Addison, Spongebob and My Mommy
- She started in Addison's preschool and loves giving her sister kisses through the fence during recess
-is the biggest animal lover and is constantly kisses them on the lips, much to my dismay
- Had her first and hopefully ONLY night terror a few weeks back and actually scared us enough to call 911 in the middle of the night

What's new with Thomas and I?
- We are taking a family trip to Port Aransas in May for 5 days with 2 other couples
- We are planning an adult only vacation to London in September
- We are still absolutely in love and thankful for our family.

More fun and potentially FUNNY posts to come soon!!! 

2 comments: said...

okay 1st you don't suck. and 2nd well if I notice any comments that might get you assasinated I'll be sure to say something....hopefully not too late

Jessica Davis said...

I confess, i'm glad you unprivated it. :). I love love love port aransas!!! Have fun, I'm jealous. Living in n. Texas makes that a hard destination.