Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog Award

So, my sister-in-law, Allison, gave me this little blog award. This means that I need to share 6 things that I am a Master at. And I'll name 6 people to share their master skills (if they want to play along)...

1. Master of Event Planning - This has been my forte since high school.  If people wanted to have a party or pep rally etc, they came to me.  I love sending invites, bugging people weekly (and sometimes daily) on reasons why they HAVE to come, and then being in charge during the event to make sure that everyone is having the best time and things stay on schedule!  Even now at 30, when it comes to my own birthday parties, mommy play dates and potlucks at work - this is where I shine!

2. Master of Loving - I can honestly say that I cannot imagine anyone who loves more than me.  In fact, I get made fun of  because EVERY song is my FAVORITE...  every restaurant is the BEST, and of course, I cannot get enough of cuddling and over-kissing my family.  I try hard to make people feel like they are cared for and that I appreciate all the things (big or small) in my life.  I always try for more but am satisfied and LOVE what I have now.

3.Master of Flirting - So, some people may not see this as a positive, but when I was named Biggest Flirt out of 646 people in my senior class, I took it as a compliment.  I make people feel special.  I know how to make eye contact.  I know how to make subtle touches in conversation.  I know how to make myself generally interested in EVERY meeting I have.  This should not be confused with being disrespectful to my husband.  I am far from that.  I just have a gift to make people feel like I generally like being around them.

4. Master of Interviewing -  I am proud to say that I have yet in my lifetime to ever apply and interview for a job I didn't get.  I am best under pressure.  I understand the importance of preparing and listening.  I know how to ask for the job. I am also not ashamed to toot my own horn and say that on more than one occassion, I have been told that I was the best interview that they ever had.

5. Master of Internet searches - You need the best flight deal?  You need to know how they make Coke black? You want to know what that little red spot on your little toe is...?  No problem!!  I will find it.  And quickly.  I understand how the searches work.  I understand what to look for.  And if there was a job that paid me to do this, it would just possibly be my dream job.

6. Master of Loading the Dishwasher - So, I have been lucky in finding a spouse who not only is an amazing cook, but also loves doing it.  But of course, that leaves me with the other half of the evening duties -  the dishes.  Now that I have taken to this, it has become something that I am proud of.  I know how to load the dishwasher so that I can get the most in there while still getting them extremely clean.  It sounds silly, but since I cannot cook (and shouldn't because I'm just terrible) - it's important that I make my chore something perfected...  just as my husband has with the meal.

Okay, well, I now give the master blog award to: (only if you want to play!)

1. Ivy Oliver

2. Kim Jay Everyday

3. WendySurf

4. Danni Springfield

5. Jeni Gregory

6. Melissa White (I know you have already been named but now you can really feel the pressure!)

2 comments: said...

wow great post, and seems true, too. Love you Jenn! Now I am the master of procrastination so if I never get the list, I'm sure you'll still love me right? said...

Great post Jenn. Love, love, love it and best part it all appears to be true. I am the master of procrastination so if I never get the list, I hope you'll understand. <3 <3 <3

You forgot one thing- y'all are my favorite internet couple! So funny!