Monday, September 28, 2009

Plain Vanilla

I haven't blogged in a little while.
Mostly because I cannot think of anything either A) juicy enough to justify writing about or B) bland enough that I won't get into trouble for posting it on a public website.

Do any of you out there struggle with the same thing?
I mean, I think I could have the most popular blog on the planet if only I didn't have to worry about the consequences of exposing myself.
But at the same time.. how many of you really want to read about that my daughter said "dada" for the first time or went to a birthday party this weekend???
So, I am considering blocking my blog and making it "private" so I only let approved readers in to see it. Then I can really get down and dirty... But then, what if someone asks me to let them have access and I have to say "um..sorry. But I cannot let you in to see it because it's mostly about you and all the really annoying things you do?..."
Do you see my dilemma? Either way, right now I need to stick with the vanilla. The safe stuff.
So, here we go.
My oldest daughter has started having accidents in her pants. Pee only. No #2's.
At first, I let it go. But its happening a little regularly... Like once a day. And I feel like she is either doing it for attention or just too busy to get over to the bathroom when she is playing.

I want there to be a consequence but don't want to punish her. I took her to the doctor this weekend to make sure there was no UTI or underlying medical issues and got the clear. Totally healthy.
So, what I want to know is.... what has worked for you guys?

She is already is in charge of cleaning herself up and changing her own clothes. She also usually goes and changes herself and hides the clothes in her hamper. So she knows she shouldn't be wet.
What else can I do? Or do I just ignore it?
This parenting gig is hard!!!! I want to do the right thing and not scar her for life or anything but I also don't want pee stains all over my house and furniture when I know she is capable of going to the bathroom.



sanantoniofoodie said...

I hear you. My dughter goes in her pants like 10 times a day. Of course she is only 7 months. No seriously, maybe she is laughing too hard. I know when I laugh too hard, I pee. Be patient, she will get over it. Love her still, because she looks just like you.

Clarkinfestedwaters said...

Candy worked for my oldest. Bribery goes a long way. No shame here. :)

clarkinfestedwaters said...

I used candy with my oldest. Bribery goes a long way. No shame here. :)

Bridget McGuire said...

I LOVE your blog ... and I feel your pain about finding a balance between not writing things that will get you in trouble ... but yet still trying to find interesting things to write.

Keep up the good work, your blog is great!

And good luck with your daughter! I promise, it WILL get better! :)


ikoliver said...

Don't have the answer to pee question, but would love to know what works once you figure it out! Keep your blog, say what you want, don't worry about what others think...and yes we want to hear all about whatever you need to say!

Kim Jay...Everyday said...

Lord have mercy! I feel ya about the blog stuff! I seriously want to write a book under another name - it would be a best seller! Because (mostly) my daughters occasionally read my blogs, I have to be careful. But, boy oh boy what I could blog about!

About your daughter, I agree with the candy bribe. That would help you know if she was having a problem physically controlling it. Then, if it continued despite bribes for something she REALLY wanted, maybe the doc is next. :)

Tell me what happens! Love you, girl!