Friday, July 17, 2009

A million ways to say hi

So, there is like a million things to keep up with these days..
Facebook, twitter, linkdin, emails, phonecalls, texts. I

It's like a never-ending fly buzzing around in your ear. But I am not above it - I love it as much as anyone and I am as addicted as the next. Where do you draw the line???
It's just so much fun peering into the lives of others and learning about their day-to-day- understand you are not the only one..... I actually feel connected to some.

Like true friend connection. Especially to the mothers.

I think sometimes it is because most of my friends that stayed here in town don't have children yet and live a life of doing whatever they want to do. So I end up spending most of my time with family. Not that I mine really. I am so lucky to have my mom and my Nan and my sister so close. But I very much envy the groups of mothers that have a circle of friends where no one finds it inconvenient to have a 3 year old screaming nursery rhymes at the top of her lungs or gets disgusted at an 18 month old licking my face out of true love....

I know I am going off in too many tangents here but the point is... I know there are too many outlets and its too much to keep up with.... but if it gives you a connection and keeps you sane and lets you know you are not alone... isn't it worth it?


Jules said...

Yep! But I like following the mom's just as much as anyone else! To be honest, sometimes it feels like moms are leaving out us non-moms. I'm sure it's all just perspective though and I happen to be on the other side of it!

Danni Springfield said...

I understand. I still feel close to you b/c of Facebook and your blog even though I haven't seen you in a year! Luckily, we have a great group of friends here that all have/love kids. The kids are always welcome, and everything is planned around them... and we have something fun to do every weekend. You guys are welcome to come play! :)