Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bad blogger

Well, the month of June just flew by and I have been pretty much terrible at updating the blog lately... I promise I am going to do better.. if anyone is even reading anymore.. Not sure they are. No one comments like they used to... can't blame them. ha ha!
The 4th of July was a super fun holiday spent eating, drinking and swimming with family! The girls had a blast and Thomas and I got to go out and spend some grown-up time for his 31st birthday! And I got to meet the infamous "boyfriend" of my sister's. He was pleasantly normal and seems to really like her so it made me happy!
Addison is still in the absolute terrible 3's and I hate the wish away any time I have with them, but man... she sure tests the limits these days. Dinner and bedtime every night is a struggle although she is sleeping through the night in her own bed much better now. She is just begging for Independence while scared of everything in the process. Bugs, thunder, Chuck-e-Cheese, the pretzel man at the mall... you name it... lol
Kirstynn is finally starting to say more words! We hear mama, dada, sister, nana, grandad and what's that.... She is so different from her sister though. So much more introverted and cuddly. It's sweet.

I just found out I have to travel for a few more days at the end of July.. this time to Hartford, CT. So much for no travelling but its a great opportunity and I am excited that my bosses picked me!

Ok, more updates to come soon!


Jules said...

I read!!

How long will you be in CT?

ikoliver said...

We are still reading! No worries, we all get busy. Mason is holding out on vocab as well, he says a word and then refuses to repeat it...all except CAT or KICK!